The Waiting Game

Stinkerbelle is learning a LOT about the word “patience”. Specifically, that sometimes she has to wait for things. And sometimes, waiting sucks.

We have all these things for her to do, classes and lessons and things planned for her for this fall. But the problem, as far as That Girl is concerned, is that fall will not come soon enough.

She’s not as jazzed about school as she is about some of her lessons. I think that’s because she really has no idea what school actually IS. She’s happy with the thought that she will attend school, sometime, and that is that.

But her lessons? “I AM SO EXCITING!” she says, when they are mentioned.

She will be returning to swimming classes this fall, after not having been since April. Even still, she has not forgotten them, and says “Bye, swimming lessons!” whenever we drive past the street we would normally turn down to go to the pool. So, when we talked about going again, she was definitely SO EXCITING.

Problem is, they don’t start until after Thanksgiving. And my girl? She does not understand the passage of time so much, unless something occurs “after nap time” or “after sleep time”.

Today, when I went in to get her up from nap, she looked up at me, all angelic face and big brown eyes and sweet little just-waking-up voice. I suggested the first thing she should do is go to the potty. I asked her, what do you want to do? And she looked up and said, “First, potty. Then… SWIMMING LESSONS!”

Uhhh… sorry baby. Not today.

But she keeps asking. She knows that one time, she will ask to go to swimming, and it will NOT be “later” or “in October” or “not today”. It will be “Sure! Let’s go!”

The same thing is beginning to occur around dancing class. After a year of being on the outside looking in at a dancing class for older kids that happened at the same time as her gym classes, my little dancer is finally FINALLY going to be taking a dance class.

And to add to the SO EXCITING factor, she will be going with her Very Best Friend, Mibby (real, non-Stinkerbelle-ized name: Libby), on Saturday mornings. It has taken a little organizing to get this together, since a) Mibby’s mom is the one who found the class, and 2) we had to check if it was okay for Mibby and Stinkerbelle to be in class together since Mibby is not three yet. But we got the okay last night, and so I will send off the registration tomorrow.

(To be completely honest, it’s a tough call as to who is more excited about the dance class: Stinkerbelle and Mibby, or their Moms and Dads.)

And so, periodically, when I ask what she wants to do, she raises a fist in the air triumphantly and yells “DANCINCLASS! WITH MIBBY!”

At which point, her fist drops and her face forms a look of preschooler dejection, as I tell her once again. “I’m sorry, Lovey. Not today.”

Luckily for everyone concerned, dance class starts in mid-September. Only a few post-sleep let-downs before I can say “Yes! Today! Today we will go dancing with Mibby!”

We are very lucky that Stinkerbelle is not the sort of kid who dwells too much on things, nor gets too upset about these disappointments. Else we would have to do all this planning in secret.

But she is not, so it’s fine. All her classes have a staggered start over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are playing the waiting game. Hopefully, with 32 degrees and sunny forecast tomorrow, we can stave off the swimming lessons requests with a dip in the backyard pool. And perhaps we can plan for a little in-house play-date dance party with Mibby to let them get their groove on before class begins.

Because, until you grasp the concept of time, and anticipation, and looking forward to something… waiting is hard.

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