So… We’re Not Dead.

It’s true. Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts of the last little while — earthquakes and tornadoes!11!!1! eleventy!!11! — we’re still here.

I didn’t even feel the earthquake… well, you already know that story. (Which bums me out, because I like a good little mini-quake. I miss them from my time in Japan.) And then last night, it was OMG TORNADO WATCH WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP. Only, in the end, there WASN’T any tornado to speak of.

Although we did sit on the porch and watch the crazy-ass storm go by, and were treated to continuous lightning and thunder for a couple of hours, while SILs Tena and Sherri monitored the weather from the comfort of their houses in NS, and occasionally sent us OMG IT’S COMING YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE text messages. So that was fun.

But still. All this weather and stuff, combined with the earthquakes and volcanoes and massive storms elsewhere in the world this year, makes one wonder if Mother Earth isn’t just a wee bit tired of our shenanigans, and is trying to shake us off.

I wouldn’t be surprised. And really, if I had to endure generations of asshole drivers and old people being annoying in the supermarket, I’d want to shake us off too. Like a dog shaking the water out of his coat after a bath. WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP! ALL CLEAN!

But here, in our little black hole of weather, where all natural phemomena goes AROUND us but rarely comes THROUGH, it’s business as usual. Which is good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT to be dead in a hurricane or whatever. But if you spend any time watching the weather forecasts, you’d think a tsunami in the middle of a blizzard accompanied by a plague of locusts was going to happen fairly regularly.

(And don’t even get me started on The Weather Network, with all it’s ACTIVE! WEATHER! talk. Bunch of drama llamas.)

Still, a little excitement can be fun now and again. Last night, as BDH was doing his Man Of The House thing, bringing home tasty baked goods (WHAT? They’re EMERGENCY PROVISIONS!) and gathering blankets and flashlights and getting ready to camp out in the basement, it WAS a little bit of an adventure. Until I got bored and decided I needed to look at Teh Internets instead.

But therein lies our biggest problem — how can I be expected to endure ANY sort of natural disaster-type phenomenon if there would be NO INTERNETS?

I could NOT, I tell you what. NO INTERNETS??? she said, with genuine terror in her voice? I would CURL. UP. AND. DIE.

So it’s a good thing the tornadoes passed us by.

We are alive, and I have Internets. And there are snacks. Life is good.

3 thoughts on “So… We’re Not Dead.

  1. I’m glad everything worked out for you.
    I can not imagine you and BDH going without internet for even a day!
    But here in N.S. according to the weather network, you were in for a nasty time last night.I am beginning to think the same thing about the weather channel.
    They want DRAMA!!!Not some little storm to talk about so they play it up a lot. Stay tuned for the big storm headed this way over the weekend. IRENE is on it’s way to Atlantic Canada.

  2. Haha. I just spent about 36 hours without the internets and, while it was fine, when I temporarily thought I was going to spend an additional 12 hours without wi-fi, I almost had a hissy fit. WHAT AM I MISSING? I thought, THE WHOLE WORLD IS PASSING ME BY!!!! But nope, when I logged on, I had missed almost nothing :S

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