Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night – August

Well now, it seems as if people want something fun and family oriented for August’s movie (and I don’t blame them). So, by popular demand, our movie for August will be

How To Train Your Dragon!!

Nothing like a fun, animated family flick to finish out the summer. Something relaxing and happy — it sounds like we could all use it! (Sorry Rana, it’s not on Netflix… but it’s totally worth buying. Stinkerbelle loves it, so maybe your little man will too!)

And if you’ve not heard of it before… you really should. Here’s the IMDB page for information and trailers.

Since we’re slow to get started this month (sorry about that) I’ll post the discussion for the movie a little later in September — rather than the first Wednesday as we normally do, I’ll push it back a week.

Have fun! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night – August

  1. Yay! Don’t even have to watch this one, can just close my eyes and watch it in my brain. Maybe I’ll do that in Africa one slow afternoon. 🙂

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