August Movie Night, Anyone?

Anyone up for a movie night in August? I know the end of summer can be a very busy time for a lot of people. (It’s already been a busy one for us, and I wasn’t even planning on anything!) So I’ve been slow to get posts up for our movies this month. Sorry about that.

But if you’re feeling like a night to just sit and put your feet up and unwind and watch a flick… we can do that!

Leave your suggestions for what you want to see below — a movie, a genre, a theme, whatever. Or, if you want to just try something new and be surprised, I can put a bunch of titles in a hat, and pick one. It’s all good.

7 thoughts on “August Movie Night, Anyone?

  1. I do love it for all the adult dialogue. Heck, we could discuss it now and not bother watching it. Well, at least I could. Plus, that way I can still participate, even though I’ll be in AFRICA!

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