July Movie Night Discussion: Enchanted April

Welcome back from the comfy couch, movie night friends! It is time to open the discussion of our movie for July, the lush, languid, period comedy/drama Enchanted April.

And as you can probably already guess… I lovedlovedloved it. And maybe you did too. Maybe you liked it, and having watched it, discovered a heretofore unknown love of costume dramas. Possibly you found it relaxing and pretty but it wasn’t your cup of tea. Or perhaps you hated it and thought it was a snorefest that ended a raging case of insomnia you have been having for weeks.

Either way, bring it on. Tell us what you think!

I’ll post my thoughts once the discussion gets going. Because I could talk for HOURS.

And as always, start thinking about your suggestions for August’s movie. (Even if you come up with a theme, maybe a particular genre of movie you’d like to see this month, we can go with that.)

14 thoughts on “July Movie Night Discussion: Enchanted April

  1. all right… confession time, even though it’s not Friday.

    I didn’t watch the movie this month. I kept checking our local movie rental place, but some damn person has it checked out and never did return it. And I don’t have netflix and I am possibly the only person on the planet who doesn’t know how to download movies.

    I’ll do better next month, I swear.

    • @ tafel — That’s too bad! I hated when people did that at our local rental place. Just bring the damn thing back already!

      And the copy I’ve seen on Youtube is kind of dark, and you really should see it in nice full colour.

      Well, you’ll have to check it out another time when you want to watch something relaxing.

  2. Lovedlovedloved it again! 🙂 I love the old lady so much. This movie is such a part of my family culture that my sisters and I will say we are having a Lottie moment when we ‘see’ something. The scenery makes me want to move to Italy every single time and I love the relationship growth. I know it’s more of a real fairytale, but it’s just so delicious. The only disappointing part for me is the walking stick growing. Some how that scene just wasn’t done well enough. It always falls flat for me.

  3. Well, I love this movie. It is a lovely story set in a beautiful locale and cast with some of the best screen talent the UK could buy at the time… what’s not to love? Oscars and awards were well deserved.

    The older I get, the more I appreciate the film. It took me years and years to finally get a copy of my own after seeing it after its release in the 90s. I enjoy seeing the subtle changes coming over each character, as they either change into something new or return to who they once were. Originally I dismissed Mrs. Fisher as overdone and simplistic; now, I can really see the subtlety and depth of Joan Plowright’s work — it’s so touching and multi-layered, it’s no wonder she was the Oscar nominee. I loved all the female leads for different reasons, and enjoyed their growth.

    But the men! I think this film began my enduring love for Alfred Molina. Everything he does is wonderful. He was hilarious and bombastic and sweet in this one by turns, and it’s not even that big a role. And Michael Kitchen’s Mr. Briggs — he really is lovely. My heart pangs for him when Rose’s husband shows up, and although I like Lady Caroline’s story and how her character develops, I just don’t buy the change — yet. (Maybe on a few more watchings.) I really would have preferred him with Rose. (I like Jim Broadbent, but Frederick is the only character I don’t come to love in this.)

    And I want so much to go vacation in this house! And gaze upon all the disappointed Madonnas.

  4. With you on the men and especially Frederick. Love Mr. Briggs and I agree. Alfred Molina is wonderful and horrible all at once.

  5. Did no one else watch this??? Sheesh. They missed a good time. Since they didn’t watch, maybe we should choose August movie.

    • @Tova — I think we were the only ones this time! I’ll have to make a post to get our August movie together. But something tells me you’re not going to have much time for movie watching this month!!

  6. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to watch this movie in July, but I promise I will very soon. As you know, July has not been a very good month for us and I often crashed early. Good news is Dad is finally on the road to recovery (barring any more set backs), and our bathroom is finally complete and looks great. No more workmen running in and out all day and no more running to grammy’s for pee breaks. Whew, I need a good movie night of just relaxing and enjoying a good movie. Sounds like this one will fit the bill.

    • @Sherri — It’s a really lovely movie. Slow, quiet, peaceful. Perfect for just a quiet, relaxing evening. I hope you enjoy it. (I think its even on Netflix now, if I recall correctly.)

      We even brought it with us on the trip down in case we (read: I) wanted to relax.

  7. Sorry, I totally forgot about it. Returned from camping, went to Blockbuster, got distracted by another movie (ok, two) on the to-view list, and missed the deadline.

    I will watch it, though. Promise.

  8. I didn’t watch it either! Sorry! I took a bloggy break but also I looked for it on Netflix and it wasn’t there or on Itunes to rent.

    I’m far too lazy to go to a movie store these days because god forbid I should have to get my ass off the couch to return a movie by a specific time and date.

    But the way you and Tova describe it I must see it as it sounds lovely and I love a good period piece.

    • @Rana — Oh no. Sorry about that! Well, it WAS on Netflix but now it seems to be gone again. Netflix is stupid like that sometimes. But I don’t rent movies either so I understand!

      Well maybe next time it shows up on Netflix again you’ll be able to catch it.

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