Attention All Passengers

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday) is our discussion of the Movie Night movie for July, “Enchanted April”. I’ll post the start of the discussion… sometime tomorrow.

Also, just for fun, here are my most recent knitting works-in-progress, two blankets for two special little girls:

And for all passengers not going ashore, there will be a shuffleboard tournament on the Lido Deck starting at 2 pm.

That is all.

9 thoughts on “Attention All Passengers

  1. Just beautiful Cinn. Very nice work. Two little girls are going to be very happy. I am glad you have found some time to relax and knit a bit. I haven’t had much time to accomplish much lately but am with you in spirit.

    • @ Sherri — Thank you! The yellow one is a chenille superbulky yarn, so it’s like knitting with a bathrobe belt. But I got it when our yarn store was going out of business, and I told Stinkerbelle that I would make her a blankie out of whatever yarn she chose.

      And then she chose an orange clown barf fuzzy novelty yarn. Uh…. NO.

      So I talked her down to this one. It will be soft and cushy and it has been fun to try something different.

  2. Those blankets are GORGEOUS! Having had a blankie myself in my formative years, I can tell that they will be well loved. Man, some days I really miss my blinky.

    • @ Janna — Thanks! I hope they are well loved, but I will be happy if they are just put to good use. It’s always nice when you knit something and people get use out of it, you know? Instead of putting it away as a keepsake or whatever.

      And you know, if you give me some colour ideas…

  3. Ahhh…at the risk of sounding totally presumption and making an ass of myself, is it? IS IT? JOY’S?

    Regardless, they are both beautiful.

  4. Sniffle…thanks. It’s beautiful and it will be well used. I love blankies. And this is her first blankie, ever. Sniffle…

    • @Janna — Well, that is certainly doable. Nothing in my stash which means… YARN SHOPPING! OH NOES WHATEVER SHALL I DO I HAZ TO GO BUYS YARN. OH WOE IS ME. :p

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