Confession Friday

Once again, it’s time for Confession Friday. This is the 42nd Friday in a row. That’s pretty good for a procrastinator like me, no?

I confess:

  • …that I have not posted much this week, because we’ve been spending lots of time outside and in the pool. Plus it’s summer, and the Interwebs are quiet and slow, so nobody’s coming here to read anyway.
  • …that I have enjoyed our little pool very much. It’s only deep enough for Stinkerbelle to swim around — it’s two feet deep when completely full — but it’s enough to keep cool and have fun with That Girl on a hot day.
  • …that I am sunburnt. I may sit in a corner and cry “Heigh ho” for a husband… Oh. Wait. Wrong movie. But I AM sunburnt.
  • …that it has been a wonderful, pleasant summer week. Hot, clear days and cooling down at night, and it has been quiet and peaceful here in our neighbourhood with lots of people away on vacation. It feels more like summer, the summers that I am used to and that I knew growing up, than it has in many years. And I hope we have more weeks like this.
  • …that there has been a lot of naked golfing happening here this week. Also naked dancing, and naked bicycle riding, and naked hopscotch. Fortunately, it is limited to That Girl, and it is because it is potty training time here. (No, there won’t be photos, because even password protected, I’m not foolish enough to put naked pictures of my kid on the Interwebs. Sorry! But I have to say, Stinkerbelle wearing nothing but backpack and bicycle helmet? You just have to trust me — it was pretty cute.)
  • …that the potty training thing so far has been mostly a good thing. A few whoopies, and about A BILLION PEES on the potty. (That Girl likes her some praise. And celebration. Every piddle is a party, man.) But, while we’re rocking the peeing in the potty, as evidenced by the GIANT OMGWTF SURPRISE!POO that just happened in her big girl panties, we have some work to do on the whole “poo in the potty” deal.
  • …that our daughter has been changing and growing so quickly recently. She’s talking so much, she’s swimming and going underwater, she’s learning her letters and numbers… While it is fun and wonderful to see her grow, it is definitely bittersweet. Where did our little baby girl go?
  • …that it has been a week of spicy food. Jerk earlier in the week, and Tuscan bean soup, and chicken curry last night, and spicy seafood pasta to come. Now, we just need to get a barbeque, to really get the spicy food cooking. But I’ve also been drinking iced coffee, and for me, coffee + spicy food = OMG HEARTBURN. So, gastronomical FAIL.
  • …that I read this story this week and thought, “Damn. She’s living the life I dreamed of when I was younger.” Good for her.
  • …that our yearly report for Ethiopia is due in about 3 days, and yet? Still not done. But here’s the thing: the dopes at the new agency haven’t sent out a reminder, and I’m not really keen on sending that kind of information off to a total stranger who has made no indication that they are even expecting such a thing from me. However, I know it is important, so I’ll do it. I feel some ambivalence about it, I can’t lie. I have no connection to this new agency, nor them to me. (And their name, Mission of Tears, really REALLY rubs me the wrong way. I am sure they are LOVELY PEOPLE, and yes, I know they SAY the letters in “Tears” stand for something or other blah blah blah. But on the face of it, which is all the average person ever sees, the name is just disturbing, and a little off-putting. I know when we first got the idea to adopt, I ruled them right out immediately as a prospective agency just based on that name.) Anyway. They have something I want returned to me, so I’ll have to get in touch with them anyway, so I’ll just get the report done and initiate contact and go “OH BY THE WAY, YOU PROBABLY NEED THIS. AND GIVE ME MY STUFF.”
  • …that we’ve started watching the entire series of “The West Wing” again, in the evenings, for an hour of down time before bed. We are people who watch series and movies again and again, so this is a great way for us to unwind. But I confess further that we never got through the entire series the first times through, because around season 4 or so when Aaron Sorkin left, BDH invariably gets pissed at the changes in the show and we stop watching. Will we get further this time? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, it’s great knitting fare.
  • …that I feel like painting. Like, painting the house. Weird, because it’s hot and generally I’m kind of meh on painting and oh yeah, there’s a THREE YEAR OLD running around. But I feel like a bit of a change, and freshening up the look of the house with a coat of paint is a perfect and relatively cheap way to do that. So, I think, once September rolls around and she’s in preschool, I might take on painting a room or three.

4 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Hooray! for potty training!

    I’ll come paint with you, I need to get my kitchen painted. It’s tragic.

    The name MOT has weirded me out too. I don’t get it. You are not alone in that.

    Enjoy your summer…it’s raining here. Boo.

  2. I didn’t watch any season after Sorkin defected either. Well, I did watch the end of the Zoey-kidnapping arc, but really, Dan Connor? As president?

    I admit I did later watch a little bit once Jimmy Smits came on board, and that last season was not so bad. But nothing like the high water mark of season 1&2.

    Ok, I’m done geeking out over TWW now. Now go outside, turn around three times, and spit.

  3. I am also not a fan of the Mission of Tears name. Both the “Tears” and the “Mission” rub me the wrong way. Blick.

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