Confession Friday

Once again, with feeling… it’s FRIDAY. And I am glad of it. It has been a good week, bytimes. But we are tired and looking forward to some time off.

I confess:

  • …that we bought a swimming pool yesterday! It’s just one of those 15 ft inflatable numbers, but it’s all we need. I was at work yesterday, and my boss and his son were at the local small-town Canadian Tire the previous day, and two pools were on sale for $100 each. That’s about 75% off the normal price. So they bought one. And they mentioned it to me yesterday and asked what I thought of it and I was all DUH NO BRAINER GREAT DEAL I’D LOVE ONE. So the son went back to the store on the off chance that maybe they still had the other one… and they DID! Stinkerbelle is going to LOVE. IT. I hope.
  • …that we are trying a lawn service again this year. Backing onto a conservation area, and unable to buy commercial weed killer anymore, we’re fighting a losing battle against a LOT of weeds. This one claims they have an eco-friendly weed killer, and they gave us a deal to try them, so… We don’t have a lot of cash, so if we don’t see results, like, NOW,  they’re done. However, looking out at great swathes of black in our lawn — our yard resembles a tortoiseshell cat coat — it seems to be doing SOMETHING.
  • …that it’s another humid day in Suburbiaville, and I wish we had some way to stay cool OH WAIT WE HAVE. But my confession is that I’m kind of intimidated to try to set it up by myself.
  • …that I feel like a bit of a loser that it will take me ALL SUMMER LONG to get my gardens reclaimed and mulched and looking reasonable. I still have a few little annuals and a shrub on my porch, forlornly waiting for a home. But did I not MENTION the arse melting humidity outside? They’re going to be sitting there for a while, I fear. HOUSE AND GARDEN FAIL.
  • …that it’s nice that Stinkerbelle is at an age where I can hand her a cat toy — a fishing rod with a toy mouse on the end of the string — and both kid and her cat Duncan are keeping themselves amused and as happy as Larry for a good 10 or 15 minutes. (Except for the periodic refereeing required with a 3 year old and a cat and their “MY TOY NO SHARING” tendencies.) And I get a little time to myself to do, well, stuff like this.
  • …that I am a little disheartened at my fitness and weight loss efforts. I had been feeling that I was doing really really well — slowly building up strength and stamina in my knees after physio, and starting to kick it into gear. I felt fitter and thinner. But yesterday, I tried on a pair of shorts from last year and… NOT GOOD. So I am not doing as well as I had imagined. I still have a very, very long way to go, and this is very hard for someone with such a poor self image as I have. And it’s getting harder and harder to change this old perimenopausal mom body. And I am down.
  • …the whole perimenopausal gig sucks balls. Mood swings, crushing fatigue, lack of motivation and focus… I am SO over it already.
  • …that I’d cut a bitch for some cake. See previous point as to why, and the one before that as to why it is a bad idea.
  • …that speech therapy class this week was fine. The stuff they “taught” was really obvious, and the class is more to model speech behaviours for parents to practice at home. Stinkerbelle won’t learn anything in the actual classes themselves — they’re designed to provide us with information, and we’ll do the leg work at home to help her learn. But it will be a good morning out every week for a little while, and she has great fun with the therapists and the other kids, so that’s awesome. And oh yeah it’s FREE, so that’s a total WIN.
  • …that I’ve been rocking the iced coffee this week. I make a pot of coffee every morning, but it’s rare that I drink the whole thing. So this week I thought, I’ve got all this leftover coffee… why not pour it over some ice? And I added a little milk and vanilla creamer and OMG COLD SUMMER TASTE SENSATION. Now I am resolved to experiment a little with this.
  • …that, for fun, BDH and I were looking at summer homes online this week. NOTE: WE CANNOT AFFORD ONE. But it was fun to look for and bicker about what we are going to have in this fabulous dream home that we will buy when we win a lottery. And to be honest, I kind of miss going to the cottage, so I often daydream about someday spending our summers in a cottage on a lake. So it was a fun diversion for a little while to do a little window shopping. (For actual windows. Among other things.)
  • …that although we have worked long and hard to make our yard a pretty and comfortable space to be, we have yet to take any advantage of it. Maybe this evening I’ll take my knitting and a glass of wine and sit out on the patio.

3 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. I like the last confession the best. A glass of wine, backyard patio and oh, not the knitting. That seems to be too much. Two things are enough. Yep, Wine and backyard patio. That’s it. Heaven!!!
    What is the recipe for ice coffee? Just in case it ever gets that hot here.

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