July Movie Night Suggestions?

Alright group — it’s time to pony up some suggestions for July’s movie night. What do you feel like for a movie night for this month? Do you want something fun, or something deep? Some drama or some comedy? Something new or a classic. I look forward to your suggestions. I’ll give everyone until Monday to come up with suggestions, and on Monday I’ll post this month’s flick. In the meantime, I’ll look back for some of the ideas that people put forward last time.

5 thoughts on “July Movie Night Suggestions?

  1. I have no clue. Something relaxing? Or something I’ve seen before so I can cheat and multi task while watching it? Ooohh, something that you can knit while watching! 🙂

  2. Yes, summer movies should be fluffy and fun as dicussed in last post….Ooooh “One Crazy Summer” it’s got our boyfriend John Cusack in it!

    It’s not on Netflix though, I checked 🙁

    • @Rana — I think it is, but in FRENCH. We were watching an old, badly dubbed big 80s haired JC movie in French the other day. I think that was it.

      But I think fun and relaxing would be good.

      So… suggestions, people!

  3. Nothing like movies like ‘Enchanted April’ and ‘Room with a View’ to combine fun, fluffy and angst! How is it the Brits can manage to nail that combo every time? True Confession: I am yearning to rewatch some of the lamer movies of our time. Ferris Bueller, Overboard, The boy who could fly, etc.

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