June Movie Night Discussion: Whip It

Welcome back, Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night peeps! It is time to discuss June’s movie, the Drew Barrymore-directed derby girls’ flick Whip It.

I enjoyed this one, I can’t lie.  I thought it was a fun, funny, and fairly fluffy movie that we’ll probably buy to add to our collection. But before I add all my comments, I am interested in hearing what you all thought. Good, bad or indifferent.

So… what did you think?

(Don’t forget to start thinking of what you want to watch for July. But we’ll deal with that after.)


11 thoughts on “June Movie Night Discussion: Whip It

  1. I liked it, and even husband watched it with me. We both love Ellen though. I agree, fun, fluffy, but with that edge that we know and love. I did also like some of the over the top acting from some of the other characters. I would watch it again! The mother/daughter relationship a bit too cliche though? husband loved the scene where the dad is putting up his own sign in the front lawn.

  2. BDH and I both really enjoyed it! Like I said, we will probably buy it and watch it again. (We watched it on Netflix this time.)

    Okay, FULL DISCLOSURE TIME: When I was a little girl, I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED roller derby. This was the early 70s and I watched it on TV with one of my best friends, Michael, and we knew all the girls names and positions and teams and everything. LOVED! IT! So, I was WAY excited to watch the movie just for that reason. And it was just as much fun as I remember.

    The movie wasn’t too deep, but it didn’t have to be. I thought it was a great directorial debut for Drew Barrymore, and she was fricking hilarious as Bashley Simpson as well.

    @Tova –I agree with you, the mother-daughter relationship kind of didn’t ring true to me. The conflict between the parents and the kids was glossed over. NO WAY a kid doesn’t come home for a few nights and the parents aren’t freaking out when she shows up. And the passive aggressiveness doesn’t just all stop happyhappy-like as it did after the championship match.

    But I kinda loved Daniel Stern/the dad a little bit. And I thought Bliss and her dad had some lovely little moments in there.

    I admit I bit down HARD on the whole boyfriend bit. I expected the set up of He’s Not Good For You, but then they made him out to be so sweet I kind of hoped for a happy ending. And then he was a right bastard. So yeah, BIT DOWN HARD. But I loved that she stood up for herself in the end, because I know as a 17 year old I probably would not have done.

    But OMG ROLLER DERBY SO HAPPY! YAY! ::happy clap::

  3. I liked the movie, but didn’t love it. Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut was a fun film, and she didn’t steal the show with Bashley.

    I concur on the mother-daughter thing, too. The Blue Bonnet speech really bothered me. It sounded like the perfect pagent-winning answer, especially since Bliss previously came in second to a girl who’s dinner partner of choice would be her deceased father. But her pageant-loving mother falling for it? Please.
    The younger-sister as a parent pleaser to get attention – spot on acting.

    Daniel Stern as a Dad surprised me, in a good way. He was a little distant, yet supportive. I didn’t really understand the yard sign. Is this a US thing?

    I didn’t feel sympathy for the main character and her best friend. They made dumb choices, and seemed surprised that there were consequences. Which were glossed over. What is the drinking age in Texas, anyway?

    I had a huge problem with the underwater love scene. It was probably supposed to be unusual and romantic, but I just kept thinking about the very real dangers of drowning, and how easy it would be for something very bad to happen.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Bliss didn’t accept the boy’s story and stood up for herself at the end.

    • @Jade — Yeah, in the US the yard sign thing is big, for boosters of HS football. I never understood it, but then, I never understood the fanaticism for high school football either.

  4. I agree that the dad relationship seemed more real than the mom relationship. And yes I loved seeing him put up the sign too, and the WTF look from the football neighbour.

    I did like the evolution of the team from just-coming-out to trying-to-win.

  5. I enjoyed this movie a lot! Second time I have seen it and it was just as much fun this time as the first.


    And my beautiful white rollerskates with red wheels back!!!

    I like that Drew Barrymore played a low key roll and let Ellen Page and Kirsten Wiig take the lead….Love Kirsten Wiig!! Bridesmaids is a total must see.

    The mom role was super cliched – and really would she come around that fast? Thinking no but hey you never know.

    The dad thing – funny! Hanging out in his van pretending to be at work – HA! Wait! Where’s my husband tonight?

    Also Jimmy Fallon is funny! I love him!

  6. Oh ya, and they boyfriend thing – I loved that Bliss kissed him good-bye! Literally! I’m with you Cinn, I probably would have gone all googly and taken him back when I was that age!

  7. So, from all accounts (so far) this one was what you’d call “light entertainment”. Or, as Jade said, “liked it but didn’t love it”.

    I think the lightweight way they treated “conflicts” probably was a big part of that for me. I wasn’t buying into it, and they were all kind of superficial anyway — “Ooh look, here’s a conflict. Little bit of tension. Derby derby derby! Derby derby derby! Couple lines of dialogue… Derby derby derby! Derby derby derby! A moment of “yeah you’re right”. Aaaaaaand… conflict resolved!” But to be fair, I don’t think it TRIED to be more than that or even WANTED to be. Which is fine.

    So… light entertainment. I enjoyed it, but I am glad I didn’t pay full price at a theatre for it. But I like that kind of thing for summertime fare — ENTERTAIN ME! DON’T MAKE ME THINK! It’s what we refer to as a “movie” as opposed to a “film”. Does that make us movie snobs? Yeah? Oh.

    (BDH and I used to go see double-features of movies like this — or action/superhero flicks — on long weekends in the summer. Because everyone was out out town and the theatres were empty and there was air conditioning. Sometimes triple features.)

  8. aaand off topic but I just noticed the current ‘One Moment’ at the side there, and totally snorted my diet coke.

    Ahem. I was sort of ‘meh’ on the boyfriend plot, I thought the movie would have had enough going for it without throwing in the cliche jerk boy. I had a pretty strong urge to just fast forward the parts with him in it.

    • @tafel — Yeah, it’s HIGH COMEDY when she goes around announcing to everyone in the market “WE GO TO PORN PARKING! HURRAY! PORN PARKING! POOOOOOORRRRRN PARKING! YAY!” Which is especially funny because it’s just our nickname for the place; nobody else knows it. So there’s just this kid running around shouting something about PORN all the time.

      Parent FAIL.

  9. What’s worse? Snorting diet coke, or breakfast? Ha! Like when my niece called Frogs-fucks and clocks-cocks. And every where my sister went there were frogs and clocks. She was so miserable for a few months. Hee Hee!

    I would sum up that the movie was fun, I would watch it again, loved that she stood up to the boyfriend, loved the Dad and the ‘character development’ of the team.

    Not a classic, but fun.

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