All’s Quiet. Not Literally, Obviously.

Hello, Internets.

Have you missed me? I’ve been quiet lately. It’s been quiet around here, so there’s really nothing to tell you.

Okay, not really. It has been BUSY, and we have been doing ALL THE THINGS. One can hardly ever say it is QUIET, especially around here, given the full-throated living out loud that That Girl tends to do. But it has been somewhat… boring.

And nobody wants to read boring on the intertubes. Well, I am sure SOME people do. Goodness knows there are enough websites and blogs and tweets and message boards out there full of the boring minutiae of people’s lives.

“Today I had a chicken sandwich for lunch!”

“Hot enough for you?”

“My speshul snowflayk child pooped rainbows and fairy dust!!”

There’s enough mind-numbing nonsense out there. My noise does not need to be added to it.

And what would I say, anyway? Work for BDH has been very busy. That keeps the rest of our little family busy as well. And then we are keeping tabs on the health and happenings of friends and family and that keeps us busy too.

Busy busy busy.

But even the busy stuff is just ordinary, everyday life stuff. It’s go here, appointment there, cook this, clean that kind of stuff.

“My garden has been neglected because the weather is lousy.”

“My crazy neighbours have gone on vacation.”

“I did some knitting.”

See? Boring. Not even funny stuff, because my crazy neighbours are away.

But it has not been bad, and it has not been hot and humid, and that is nice. Although BDH has been working like a maniac, for Stinkerbelle and me, life has been passing slowly, and mostly pleasantly. And while it has been without fanfare, it has been without drama. And that is quite alright with me.

“That Girl is learning to catch.”

“We are starting speech therapy this month.”

“We are healthy and happy.”

Yep. Boring. But boring, although not blogworthy, has been quite lovely.

You’ll just have to take my word for it.

12 thoughts on “All’s Quiet. Not Literally, Obviously.

  1. Believe me, with all the drama around here lately, I will take some boring anyday.

  2. Hey – are you calling my blog boring?!? Well, you’re right. I could bore the paint of the walls. Glad to hear that all is well with you.

    • @Janna — With your mouse roommates? Yours is NEVER boring. And also, you’ve never once written about eating a chicken sandwich for lunch. Nor have you tweeted when you were on the toilet. No, most of my internet peeps are FAR more interesting than that. Far more interesting than ME, in fact, as is evidenced by my post from Boringville yesterday.

      Although your blog HAS been a bit of a bastard in recent weeks/months since it won’t let me comment… OH NOES MAYBE ITS OUT TO GET ME AND IT HATES ME.

  3. Hmmmmm, not sure WTF is up with that. I thought you just didn’t like me anymore. Let me see what I can do.

    • @Janna — It keeps trying to make me sign up for a blogger account. It won’t recognize my gmail address, which used to be all I needed.


  4. That’s right, they hate you. And only you.

    Boring can be lovely. Glad it’s lovely. I have a boring bubble of time right now as well. We shall see how long it lasts. Ha! And since life is boring, does this mean lots of knitting time, perchance???

    • @Tova — I KNEW IT. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they AREN’T out to get you.

      Boring has been nice. I have managed to get a little knitting time in during the evening this week, which is nice. But we still have to DO ALL THE THINGS, so there’s still driving and cleaning and meeting and working and cooking and the like on my List That Never Ends. But that is fine. I am looking forward to maybe getting some knitting time in this weekend, maybe even out on the patio looking at our nicely weeded and mulched gardens. .

    • @Janna — ::happy clap!:: YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

      I have been shaking my fist at the blogger create-a-blog page for WEEKS now. But now all is right with the world again. Le happy sigh.

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