Confession Friday

I’m glad it is Friday. It has been a busy week.

I confess:

  • …that I’m glad we got our roof reshingled, even though the expense is a big one and the debt has me stressed. It’s better to have it done now than to put it off and risk damage to the roof and house if we had let it go too long. So, score one for being proactive.
  • …that I am really, really stressed out by confrontation and conflict. Even relatively mild confrontation like when our nutty naked neighbour was complaining at us about our roofers. She’s been acting a little unhinged all week, actually — yesterday she came out to berate the street sweeper because his machine was too loud, and then got pissed at me because my car was on the street so they could not sweep in front of her house — so I’ve been on edge all week.
  • …that I had our first meeting this week with Stinkerbelle’s school and her community and support workers. It was really good and really positive. I feel really excited for her to start preschool in September, knowing that they will be aware of her speech delays and her eating issues and are capable, ready and excited to support her.
  • …that I am excited for the prospect of Stinkerbelle going to preschool because I want her to have friends. I feel I have let her down because I have no friends or social network and consequently she has no little friends to play with regularly. She spends so much time with me, and she wants to make friends so much. When we go outside, she says hi to every single kid she sees in the hopes they will play with her. When we go to the park, she begs to go play with kids, most of whom are way too old and I have to tell her no. It makes me so sad to see her so lonely.
  • …that I am finding it really challenging to get our gardening done while tending to a three-year-old. If I can get an hour done, a couple of days a week, it’s a good day.
  • …that while there is a lot to love about Three, it is an age that can pass quickly, thankyouverymuch. Anyone who thinks the Twos are terrible is in for a big surprise when Three comes along. Fortunately, our kid is pretty mild and happy, so the annoyance mostly comes in the form of the ENDLESS REPETITION of one phrase over and over until you want to explode. And the OMG DRAMA. And the WHINING. And the NO. Oh, the NO makes me want to punt some days. But you know, as annoyed as I get — and some days, it can be quite a bit — I look at other parents with more challenging kids and thank my lucky stars for our generally happy, pleasant kid.
  • …that my days are busy these days because I have started a book — actually both BDH and I have — in which we make a “to do” list for every day. On the one hand, it keeps me organized, and I DO get a lot more done in a day because the list keeps me accountable. But on the other hand, I tend to overschedule my days with all the things I want to do, and inevitably some of it doesn’t get done and pushed off to the next day or week. I have to find a good balance. It’ll take time.
  • …that I have had little time for knitting this month. Sorry Tova!
  • …that the mail strike has made sending my finished knitting off impossible. Sorry Carmen!
  • …that I kind of miss being a lazy bum and taking time for just sitting and knitting.

2 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. No apologies needed. I get having a To Do list, consume your life until it has bled all fun and joy of your very existence.


    Nutty neighbors are stressful, we have one of them. Thankfully I’ve never dealt with her naked, but just walking past her house stresses me out.

  2. The NO has started in our house already and he is only 2.5….and the repetition of words…oy vey…especially “mama, mama, mama, mama..” Which I enjoy I really do! But after the 800th I get a little weary. I do, however, enjoy the us of the many different types of intonation he can use to say “mama”.

    I say, if you want you nutty naked neighbour to leave you alone you should stand outside her house with a little doll and pretend to stick pins in it and you could do it naked to add some flair šŸ˜‰ hee hee!

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