Random Tuesday: Spending Money Edition

The place is crawling with workmen, who are re-shingling our roof. It is noisy and busy and chances are, when you are reading this, we are not actually here, but rather someplace quieter and where Stinkerbelle can play without fear of stuff falling off the roof and landing on her head.

  • Note to self: When planning for the big expense of having your roof redone, also remember that a giant, heavy truck full of roofing supplies with likely come the day before to drop off your shingles and whatnot. And, if you have an asphalt driveway, be prepared that the heavy giant truck is more than your little asphalt driveway was constructed to bear. And there will be ruts and heaves and a big crack or two in the driveway when they leave. So in your budget, plan to pencil in “driveway repair and/or resurfacing” for the next year or two.
  • Note to self, part 2: Be aware that your nutty naked neighbours will complain. To me, and the roofers, and probably anyone else that will listen. About the OMG MESS AND NAILS EVERYWHERE AND DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE THROWING SHINGLES OFF THE ROOF. Even though these are THE TIDIEST ROOFERS IN HISTORY. Because they are throwing shingles off the roof and it startled one of her dippy students who was coming up the walk and apparently MISSED THE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS EVERYWHERE AND THE ROOFERS SIGN AND BY THE WAY THE GIANT REFUSE BIN IN THE DRIVEWAY. And because the wind may catch some of the shingles being tossed off the roof and they might miss the bin and lay on your lawn for the 10 minutes it takes a guy to come down off a 3-storey house and tidy up. And because in Nutty Naked Neighbour Land, roofing is done silently and individual parts are walked up and down ladders and placed in padded soundproof bins and roofing jobs are done with magic and fairy farts.
  • Note to self, part the third: A gift certificate from the local nursery is a good way to apologize to nutty neighbours for the imaginary trauma of your roof being completed, with the added bonus of making them feel bad for complaining. Even if it was only 20 bucks. Hee.
  • This morning, we decided after Gym class to take a trip out to Corn Parking. This has several benefits, the first being we replenish our fruit and veg supply. But it also provides a bit of amusement for That Girl which is away from the noise and hubbub. So off we went to buy some local produce. When we arrived, there was a tractor trailer on the southbound side of the highway near the store.  I would not have taken much notice of it, except for the fact that, as we were parking our car, the driver of said tractor trailer decided it would be a good idea to TRY TO DO A U-TURN ON A TWO LANE HIGHWAY. Which ended, as you might expect, with the cab of said tractor trailer in the ditch on the northbound side of the road, and the trailer across and completely blocking the entire road. So, we finished our shopping, and then stood outside Corn Parking to have a little snack. It was then, TEN MINUTES LATER, when the driver of the tractor trailer comes ambling up the road and stops in at Corn Parking, I think hoping someone there would be fixing to do something about this here predicament he done got himself into. Nice. And when we left, ten minutes later, he was still there. He may STILL be there, because the only people at Corn Parking were the two girls who were stocking the place and working the till, and I doubt either one of them can tow a semi out of a ditch. Although you never know — farm girls are known to be strong.
  • You know how I am Sleep Disorder Woman, and I sleep with a CPAP mask on? Oh you didn’t? Well, I am, and I do. Except sometimes, in my sleep, when I am completely dead asleep… I will take my mask off for some unknown reason. It happens from time to time, and when it does, it means I spend a period of time sleeping in full-on sleep disorder mode. And that means, bad sleep, combined with allergies, results in me waking at some ungodly hour with sinuses jam-packed full solid, and sneezing my brains out. And, were you here, this is how you would have found me at four a.m this morning. Now, here’s the thing: did you know that the sun is already starting to peek up over the horizon at four a.m.? Oh you didn’t? Well that is probably because OMG NOBODY SHOULD BE AWAKE AT FOUR AM IT IS JUST WRONG. But I am here to tell you that it is. And at four a.m. and change this morning, I was PISSED. I was all REALLY SUN? I AM STRUGGLING TO GET BACK TO SLEEP BECAUSE IT IS THE MIDDLE OF THE FRICKING NIGHT AND YOU ARE COMING UP NOW? I HATE YOU. So, yes. This could be another reason why I am somewhat cranky today.

13 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Spending Money Edition

    • @tafel — OMG BIRDS. Chipper little feathered bastards. Why do they have to SHOUT so? What is WRONG with them? They need to shut up more until at least, what, 6:30.

  1. Stupid question but…what exactly is the SUN??? The birds at 4:00 a.m. I know about, but this sun thingy is an unknown entity here in N.S.

  2. It’s crows. CAW ing. And then the buses start at before 5 with their squealing brakes and hissing. And then it’s the construction.

    Why is it the toddler can sleep through it all on noisy mornings? And is awake early on quiet mornings. This is some twisted Murphy’s Toddler law that pisses me off.

  3. Alright. We all need to make a PACT, right here and now, that if one of our kids becomes Prime Minister, they will bring in a law that says NO NOISE BEFORE 6:30 AM. No birds, no buses, no NOTHING. And NO SUNSHINE.

    And also? No trucks on the roads during rush hour. They can throw that one in for free.

  4. The sun can shine everywhere but INTO the toddler’s room at 4:35 in the a.m. ’cause then they think “oh the sun is up, and the birds…I should be too!”

  5. East? Hmmm…just realizing that there are only 2 east facing windows in my house. One is the bathroom and one is the spare room. (which is why I never sleep there when I’m mad at husband, it’s too bright) Methinks the builder of this crappy house did one thing right.

  6. Did I mention OMG OUR ROOF LOOKS FAB?

    BDH said he wants to get a lawn chair and go sit out there and admire it. I would too.

    Yeah, we’re THOSE neighbours.

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