Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night — June

Alright, virtual movie night peeps. We got a few suggestions, not tons, but it looks like our movie for June will be…

Whip It!

(By dint of the majority of votes. Or at least, the most people who said they wouldn’t mind seeing it.)

Here is a link to the IMDB page so you can check out cast, trailer, etc.

So, something fun and new to most of us to chat about! I’ll post the discussion page on the first Wednesday of July — so you have about a month to check it out.



3 thoughts on “Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night — June

  1. I have to admit I have actually rented this TWICE and yet not managed to watch it. Third time’s a charm, right?

    PS – PORCHUSMAGA is my new swear word.

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