Random Tuesday: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Edition


Help me. I’m melting. Once again, it’s humid like an armpit outside. But with a kid, you have to go outside, forsaking air-conditioned comfort so your kid can run and play. Thank goodness it’s only going up to 31 (near 40 humidex) today.

Mind you, when it gets worse, and the air quality warnings start, it’s a good excuse to stay indoors.

  • I have purchased good things for my garden. 3 varieties of tomatoes, a cucumber plant, some sweet onions, one pot of basil (still have last season’s pesto in the freezer). I also have seed for carrots and green onions, which are going to be a little late but I don’t care. And some dirt to top up the garden. BDH found a bag of eggshells in the basement to mix into the soil, too, hopefully to help fight off tomato blight and rot — but at the very least, it will keep the slugs at bay. Now I just need to find the time and cooler temperatures to put it all in.
  • We had to buy some flowers for our garden. Generally it’s fun for Stinkerbelle, who trots around under the shaded greenhouses and picks up stones and generally amuses herself while I buy plants. She’s all into being bossy and will randomly say THIS ONE or GO THAT WAY or ALL DONE WE GO HOME NOW. Occasionally I will look up to find her carting a coreopsis or some petunias my way, which I then have to take back from whence they came. But the most fun is to have conversations with her about what to buy. Because she likes to have conversations; she just doesn’t have the vocabulary or receptive language to do it terribly well yet. But we have a running commentary nonetheless as we browse. Yesterday she was helping an older fellow choose tomato varieties. He ended up taking her choice, “THE YELLOW ONE”. And I feel kind of bad about not telling him that her favourite descriptive adjective du jour is YELLOW. Oh well. Possibly he will discover a heretofore unknown love of yellow tomatoes. I also like to get her to say plant names because they can be HILARIOUS. Today I got her to say “portulaca”. Which came out, very loudly and with great enthusiasm, ‘PORCHUSMAGA!” Which caused most of a greenhouse full of patrons to laugh heartily. And maybe even buy some porchusmaga, who knows.
  • It was considerably cooler in the Gym today for Stinkerbelle’s class, which is good because OMG INVASION OF THE SMALL PEOPLE AND THEIR CAREGIVERS! Seriously, today the class size must have instantly DOUBLED. A whole bunch of parents were there with their kids doing make-up classes, or trying out a class to see if they wanted to join, and it was busy and crowded and chaotic. Stinkerbelle, who LOVES a crowd, was even a little put off by the sheer number of people. She’d go to participate in something and then get to the apparatus and pause, because there was just a crowd of people surrounding it. So she mostly spent her time on the opposite side of the gym to where all the action was, usually following her little friend Isla, and so they had a lovely time on their own, swinging and jumping and playing. And she was tired at the end and just wanted to come home, which is always good.
  • It cost me FIFTY DOLLARS to fill up my car today. FIFTY! And that’s just where I stopped voluntarily; I probably could have filled it more. FIFTY! For a CAR! Gas prices are insane. I am lucky that I only have to putt around town a little bit in the course of a tank of gas, so I usually only have to fill up twice a month. What BDH spends on his daily commute, with an SUV, is starting to get ridiculous. But fifty dollars — do you KNOW how much ICE CREAM that could buy me? And I’m not even talking the cheap stuff; I’m talking PREMIUM like Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s.Or a ridiculous amount of yarn! Or a half a pair of really really nice shoes! Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Did I mention… FIFTY!
  • We had major thunderstorm action come through here in the wee hours of the morning. Not the torrential downpour, wind-and-hail-and-fury thunderstorm action we normally get, wherein we go out on the porch to watch and get soaked to the skin like some freaks in a stormchasing reality show. No, this was more of a traditional old thunderstorm. Rain and thunder and lightning. Which I normally LOVE. I can sleep so well in a thunderstorm. I hear the rumbles of thunder and I roll over and snuggle down in bed and sleep like the dead. But not this morning. OH NO. This morning, the storm PARKED OVER OUR HOUSE and would periodically do a massive clap of thunder, weather’s way of saying “WAKE THE FUCK UP!!” So I was getting progressively more awake and pissed off when, around 4:30 or so, there was this earth-shattering CRACK! BOOM! of really bright lightning instantly followed by a HUGE clap of thunder. And I was all OKAY OKAY I AM SORRY I CUSSED YOU OUT I AM AWAKE NOW YOU BASTARDS. At which point, the storm was apparently satisfied and went merrily on its way. So now, not only am I hot and sweaty, I am sleep deprived today. And to add insult to injury, it’s too damn hot to make tea. NO CAFFEINE FOR YOU. The weather, it hates me.

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity Edition

  1. My fill yesterday was $46. And that was with a coupon. I almost shrieked “FORTY-SIX DOLLARS????” at the attendant. And then I could have regaled him with tales of days when you could fill up with a $20 AND GET CHANGE.

    We are officially old, by the way, in case you weren’t aware.

  2. I remember in high school being broke and putting always asking for “5 bucks please” of gas…and it usually lasted me a week or so…FUCKING HELL gas is expensive!

    So are avocadoes! $2!

    And you could always brew tea and then ice it…it will cool you down, quench your thrist AND give you the much needed caffeine spike we all so need!

    I’m just sayin’

  3. Man, I used to work at a gas station when I was in high school/college, and I remember when the “usual” price for gas was 49.9 cents/L. That was 20 years ago, mind you, but still – 50 cents! Crazy. It’s times like these that I cherish my diesel car.

    Also – I am getting tired of the thunderstorms & hearing of houses being hit by lightning (that happened on last Saturday morning, just around the corner from us). Scary stuff.

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