Random Tuesday: OMG IT’S HOT Edition

OMG IT’S HOT. Like, 32 degrees with a humidex in the 40s hot.

Even if it were NOT Tuesday, my brain has turned to mush in the heat, thus rendering me unable to formulate a post consisting of anything more than the occasional thought that survives the oppressive humidity and/or does not die of heatstroke.

  • We spent two weeks on vacation, of which we had 3 sunny warm days. And then we returned to the grind at home and suddenly OMG SUMMER IS HERE WHAT WHAT. It figures. I’m feeling a bit of meteorological mental whiplash here.
  • After Stinkerbelle spent a few glorious afternoons on the trampoline with her cousins during the holiday, I’ve been all thinking about buying a trampoline if ever one goes on sale. (She’s still too little, so it won’t be this year.) My kid, who loves to jump almost as much as her mama, had THE BESTEST TIME EVAR on the trampoline. And I have to admit, the thought ME + JUMPING + TRAMPOLINE = WIN has crossed my mind a number of times. HOWEVER. It is now a few days later — a few hot, humid days later — and I’m all SCREW THE TRAMPOLINE LETS GET A POOL. Or a cottage on a lake. I’m not choosy. Rest assured, I will get back to you when we have the lottery winnings with which to do all this.
  • I was determined to be strong this year. I was going to tough it out. I was going to be smart and cut down on our energy bill. I was going to resist the siren call of the air conditioner in the name of saving money! And yet? The first hot humid day and ON WENT THE A/C WITH A FLIP OF MY FINGER. I totally, 100% CAVED, man. I have had the A/C running since last evening, when I decided that I would be of no use to anyone if I dissolved into a puddle of sweat right there in the kitchen. And I am NOT SORRY.
  • Today was Little Gym day for Stinkerbelle. I thought, at least we’ll get out somewhere air conditioned and let the kid run off some energy, rather than being cooped up at home! Hurrah! As did the other moms, from what I gather. As we all ran around a hot sweaty gym, sweating like sweaty things that sweat a lot. Looks like we were not the only ones who were trying to keep the energy bills down. ::gives Gym owners the peevish glare:: The kids did not seem to mind, though, although even they were feeling it by the end. There were many tears of frustration and discomfort from more than the average number of kids today. NOT MY KID, though. OH NO. As she ran from apparatus to apparatus, oblivious to the heat, and DEMANDING MY ASSISTANCE at every opportunity. Who does she think she is, anyway? I’ll get my own back in about 10 years’ time, when she’s too embarrassed to have me around and tells me to just stay home (where the A/C DOES work, I’ll have you know).
  • Ever have one of those moments when you want to intervene, even though you KNOW you shouldn’t? There was a new little boy in class today, a very young little fellow, brought there by (who I am assuming is) his nanny (although she COULD have been an adoptive parent, although a very young one). Anyway, we will call her Nanny. Humour me. So, this little boy was a sweet little fellow, not much language yet, and the thing that struck me was how… ABRUPT… this Nanny was with him. How ROUGH. She would chastise him, and manhandle him. And most often, she left him to do his own thing, this little fellow who probably did not get a lot of what was going on. And so, he focused on me, a smiling face who would talk to him. And at one point, he and Stinkerbelle were playing together. Another very pushy little girl came along, a girl who had been mauling this little chap all class long with no intervention or help from Nanny, and something happened. I did not see. But the little fellow began to cry. And he had no one to comfort him. Nanny barked at him, and dismissed him, and he wandered off, sobbing and occasionally calling for his Mama. And at that point, it was all I could do to resist scooping the little fellow up and hugging him and making him feel like somebody cared for him. But in this day and age, you cannot intervene with someone else’s child. And it broke my heart a little bit. No child should have to feel alone and hurt and sad, especially in a place like this where he’s supposed to be having fun. (BDH says I cannot love them all. This is a struggle for me.)
  • The upside of the warm weather? OUR FAVOURITE FARM MARKET IS OPEN!! Several months of fresh local produce stretch tantalizingly ahead of me. Life is pretty good, actually. If you can find a way to stay cool.

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: OMG IT’S HOT Edition

  1. You return Random Tuesday to me only to rub in my face that you have summer and we do not? It’s freakin’ winter over here what with the rain and cold and wind.

    That’s it.

    Between the baked goods, the heat, the tea (iced), costume drama’s, knitting, and fabulous company, I am finally thinking of stomping my way over to you.

    (that was threat in case you didn’t notice)

    And sad children in hard situations break my heart too.

  2. It’s 9 degrees and raining here, with a “wind warning”. The hell? A *wind* warning? Huh.

    But I hates me some humidity, so I’m not sure you have it any better.

    • @tafel — It’s humid like Satan’s buttcrack out there. But the good news is, it’s dropping 12 degrees overnight with some big ass thunderstorms. Extreme weather, we has it.

  3. I will take this hot warm weather over rain anyday! Love it when I can burn the beer calories just by lifting the beer!

  4. Yes I think baked goods fall under the same workout structure. Now that the weather is nice we will have to get together for a beer and baked goods workout!

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