Confession Friday

We’re still on vacation, but this confession thing is a streak I’ve had for 35 weeks now… I’m not going to break it!

I confess…

  • …that I am sad that our vacation is at an end. It has been great to see and spend time with family, and more importantly, great for Stinkerbelle to have time with her extended family. She loves them so much, and I am sad for what she will be missing when we are back home. She has so much fun here!
  • …that it is always hard to see BDH have to say goodbye when we head home after some time with his family. He moved to Ontario to be with me, and that’s where his work and our little home and our comforts are, and I feel bad sometimes for that. It is hard for him to be so far away, and I wish sometimes we could have the best of both worlds.
  • …that I am a nervous traveller. I used to travel for my job, and it was easy peasy. But then I got freaked out by a couple of air crashes that were in the news non-stop and developed a fear of flying. It’s much better now, but I still get anxious.
  • …that another thing I dislike about travelling is packing. Trying to cram all my stuff, BDH’s stuff and Stinkerbelle’s plentiful stuff into our suitcases is a hassle, especially when half of one suitcase is taken up by my CPAP machine.
  • …that it is getting easier and easier to travel with That Girl, now that she’s starting to remember people and places. She settled into sleeping and life here without any fuss at all this trip. She understands and remembers so much more now.
  • …that I think my daughter may have a hard time saying goodbye to Grammy and “Grandad-Grandad” at the airport.
  • …that although I am bummed about the end of vacation, it will be good to be home and back into our regular routine again. While it’s great to be on holiday, there’s something nice about being home with your own stuff, too. And we miss the cats.
  • …that I was all OMG EXCITED to watch Doctor Who on TV on Saturday night, but it turned out to be a big disappointment. The episode was kind of dumb, and I had forgotten how many commercials there are during television broadcasts. I do not miss TV, no not a bit.
  • …that if the mugginess and rainy weather of this month is any indication of what is to come this summer, there may not be enough bug spray in the world to fend off the black flies and the mosquitoes. OY.
  • …that I was delighted to see a pheasant taking a walk around the yard this morning.
  • …that I’m a little nervous to see the mess our cats have made while we’ve been gone. At the very least, there will be tumbleweeds of Cinnamon fuzz rolling around the main floor.
  • …that I turned my SIL on to online yarn shopping. And I am not sorry.

4 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. 35 weeks?! Wow. I should go see how many I’ve done. Although I know I rebelled and didn’t do the odd one.

    I wouldn’t be sorry about the online shopping conversion either. 🙂

  2. Neither am I. Look out mastercard. with the way things are going at work, looks like I may have to resort to knitting socks for a living. That would not be so bad either. Let me know cinn how you make out with the sock knitting. We can always gab via skype if you have a problem. We have to find the time to get the girls together on Skype more often too. Madd Dawn would love that. Me too for that matter. We will miss you guys so very much. I am already thinking of traveling up your way this summer if we can get some time off. That would be nice. We can bring our tent and crash in your back yard with the squirrels.

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