Confession Friday

It’s Friday, and I went to the dentist, while my husband took Stinkerbelle out to buy a frying pan. No, that’s not a confession. Just a thought passing through my head as I come up with my list of confessions.

It can’t always be all OMG EXCITING around here, you know.

I confess:

  • …that my kid hugged me so suddenly and so violently that she snapped my neck back hard enough that I haven’t been able to turn my head for two days.
  • …that holding my head upright can get really painful, so last night I had to lie down after supper. And I watched a movie. And although the movie was kind of meh, it was really relaxing. I needed the quiet and down time as much as I needed to rest my neck.
  • …that lunch today made me feel ill. It was wraps. We’ve made these wraps 3 or 4 times now in the past two weeks. I think my body is trying to tell me ENOUGH WITH THE EFFING WRAPS ALREADY, LADY.
  • …that I got our census form thingie in the mail, and I’m kind of jazzed about going online and filling it in. But the part I’m looking forward to most is the “any other comments” section where I will write “BRING BACK THE LONG FORM CENSUS, YOU CONSERVATIVE FUCKWIT MORONS”.
  • …that I am really, properly disgusted with the recent news stories about the behaviour of the hand-chosen, sometimes parachuted-in Conservative candidates and staff during this last election. They really represent the lowest common denominator in politics. And none moreso that the dirtbag candidate who ran here locally, who refused to attend any debates or do any press, and was graceless and classless in his overwhelming and (to him) stunning defeat. And let’s not even mention his unstable and bizarre, shouty, (alleged) ballot-box stealing campaign manager. It kind of makes me gleeful that even with a national majority, these two dopes couldn’t win locally. What a joke.
  • …that I’m up-to-here with the news these days. Except fluff pieces, like movie reviews and music interviews and stuff. Fluff is good right now. The rest of the world is too depressing and stressful.
  • …that our kid has taken to repeating stuff that she knows will get laughs from us. Like singing the theme “song” from Mr. Sunshine. And it cracks our shit up. Our kid goes for the cheap laughs. That MUST be a parenting fail.
  • …that I am glad it’s raining out, because I don’t want to be out with people any more today. I have been out there with people today, and I am here to tell you that people are overrated, and most of them are as stupid and as irritating as hell.
  • …that I love it when I play a song that I love for my daughter, and she loves it, too. And then she asks me to play it over and over again and dances and sings. I know it won’t always be this way, but right now I love sharing my love of music with her.
  • …that when BDH asked me what I want for Mother’s Day, I told him “a proper big breakfast” and “a sleep-in day”. But honestly? I have the only thing I have ever wanted for Mother’s Day, and she’s (not) napping in the next room right now.

2 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Wraps are over rated. Besides, you could put some of your baking angst into making your own wraps. They are DELICIOUS!

    Agreed re. people today. Hiding in the house with wine already.

    Oh, and chocolate recipes? The best are here:

    I buy ingredients at iherb and it’s barely affordable that way. But I do find they go a long way. Also, the ingredients do NOT need to be raw, except the cacao butter. I bought regular and it was DISGUSTING. Raw is divine.

  2. Oh friggin news of the world is just too much right now isn’t it! I’m with ya on the fluff pieces.

    Also, people! Stupid! Not you though just those other people out in the world…you know the ones who cut you off while you are driving or those ones who don’t stop for pedestrians or those ones who shop in front of you and drag their ass around the store with their cart in the middle of the aisle…ya those people!

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