Canada, I Am Disappointed

I know it’s Tuesday, but… Last night, as a nation of voters, Canada demonstrated an appalling amount of stupidity, voting in a Conservative government that has done nothing but show utter contempt for this country and the rights, wishes and needs of its people for years. A MAJORITY government, no less.

After a campaign of outright lies, election fraud and ugly politicking, we’re staring into four more years of soft despotism.

I am just so disappointed and disgusted right now.

“I hear you say the truth must take a beating
The flag a camouflage for your deceiving
I know we all make mistakes
This is not a case of blurred vision,
It’s a case of black holes, pocket holes, soul holes”

Sing it, guys.

Change has GOT to happen, and we have to start NOW. Proportional Representation would be a good start. Review of election law would be another.

(It’s too much to ask for more politicians with integrity and conscience and vision. Yet. Maybe someday.)

No time like the present to get educated, get active, and make a change.

6 thoughts on “Canada, I Am Disappointed

  1. Me too! Appalled, sad, angry and SCARED.

    also, does this mean I still have to deal with Kenney??? Frig.

  2. couldn’t agree more. Canadians had a rare opportunity to send a clear message to all political parties that we demand honesty and transparency from our elected officials and will tolerate nothing short of a government that upholds the same laws and ethics that the citizenry adheres to. such a sad time for Canada.

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  4. The next 4 years are going to be long and I think we are going to see a lot things we have suddenly disappear!!!!!!

  5. I feel the same way. Small grace about the NDP and Elizabeth May. But really, will the environment recover from 4 years of neglect? What state will our immigration system be in…???

    Oh, PS: HI 🙂 Haven’t seen you in a long time and thought I would stop by!

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