Apathetic. But I Don’t Care.

I’ve been registering high on the apathetic meter these days. My apathy dial goes all the way to 11.

I think it might be the weather. It’s hard to get enthused when it’s raining on and off for weeks. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m tired. But that’s not new.

I’d work harder to find something to blame, but… meh. I’m really not bothered.

I think it’s going around, though. I’ve noticed that on some of my favourite blogs and sites and communities, people have been away more and contributing less. Maybe it’s warm and sunny where they live and they’re outside enjoying the weather. But from the looks of the news, probably not.

My hit count has gone way down. Part of that, I think, is because when our server died, and we moved my blog offsite, people’s feeds and links got busted, so they don’t know I’m still here. But maybe, they’re simply out enjoying some time with family or doing fun things, and are spending less time online — which is kind of a nice thought, too.

But even if people WERE coming to visit, I haven’t had much useful to say. It’s just been kind of boring everyday life stuff here, and who wants to read that? I don’t even enjoy writing it.

We’ve tried keeping on top of the housework, but… Oy. The effort. Some things get done. Some don’t. It’s like that.

I haven’t been knitting much, although still enough to keep ahead of the game on my 11 Projects in 2011 challenge. Mostly, in the evenings, BDH and I have been going to our neutral corners with our laptops — me to do some work, and him to do some faffing and watching shows on Netflix. But even still, we’re crashing early.

I got a bit of inspiration the other day, though. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a kind of a virtual book club? Only books are too challenging, and I’m kind of… meh… these days… So maybe a MOVIE club. Yeah! Where some peeps out in Internetland and I decide on a movie to watch, maybe once a month, and then discuss it. Movies that we’ve always wanted to watch, or have been interested in, or classic movies… things available online, or rentals, or on Youtube… Sort of a Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night.” I thought, now THERE is a proper excuse to sit down, someplace comfy, with a blanket and a drink and just WATCH A MOVIE. Because, you know, I HAVE TO.

Whoa. Talk about rationalizing being absolutely lazy, man.


But, then part of me went, “Uh… this requires PLANNING. And ORGANIZATION.” And as you may or may not have noticed, this is in short supply here.

And so, in the end, the Bright Little Idea died a sad and lonely death in the great big empty that is my brain these days. And I’d feel bad about that, I really would, except I can’t be arsed to make that kind of effort.

I think I’ll go do…. something…. instead. Or maybe not. It could go either way.

6 thoughts on “Apathetic. But I Don’t Care.

  1. Hellooo? Movies? Planning? Organizing?
    I am IN! Now, wake up that idea. Go ahead. Use the bellows. It’s not completely dead. Mostly dead is still slightly alive.

  2. Really? You want to have a Virtual Chick Flick Comfy Couch Night? Because we could TOTALLY do that. Let me think on this. You know, after a few more cups of coffee.

  3. Just don’t make me watch a black and white movie. Haven’t ever watched one, not going to start now.

    • @tafel —

      SERIOUSLY? Really REALLY? Like, not even CHRISTMAS MOVIES or anything?? Oh lady, are you missing some GREAT films. Seriously. I could give you a list of BW films that would knock your socks off.

  4. I’m IN!!! And there a few BW movies worth watching, but where I draw my line is at musicals. I WILL NOT WATCH A MUSICAL. I might pretend to watch it to appease people, but I really read my book and tune it out.

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