Confession Friday

Yay! It’s Friday!

I confess:

  • …that today’s confessions are a mix of bitterness and happiness. Much like life itself.
  • …that I am so, SO happy that those assholes Rick and Susan Hayhow were arrested and charged yesterday with multiple counts of fraud. Finally! Let’s see you try to squirm and lie your way out of this one, you dirtbags.
  • …that I doubt the Hayhows will get the punishment they deserve, which is jail time. They’ll probably get massive fines, or maybe not, and they’ll probably get probation. But I doubt they’ll go to jail. And that’s the shame of it. For all the harm they have done to SO many people, far and wide, all the lying and cheating and betrayals and abuse of power and abuse of trust, they deserve to be sent down for a couple years. But I just don’t believe it will happen. Assholes like that rarely get what they deserve, and certainly not when it’s this sort of “white collar” crime.
  • …that if they get jail time, I’m going to have a party to celebrate.
  • …that I have read their daughter’s blog, and what she frequently talks about is money, money, money — and (since the fraud well dried up) how she never has any anymore. A lot of her posts are silly girl things, sure. But most of the time it’s how she never has any money. Well, money and god. And how god will provide (money). I know you can’t choose your parents, so I kind of feel bad for her, but all the talk of money also reminds me of the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.
  • …that I need to move on and think of something else today, because that family makes me sick to my stomach. And I have better ways to expend my energy. So that’s the end of that.
  • …that BDH took the today and Monday off and we’re having a bit of a family long weekend. He’s been sick so he needs a little time to rest, and because certain little girls have a birthday coming up on Monday, he wanted to take the time to spend with her and celebrate.
  • …that, since I extolled upon how lovely it was to drink a cold beer the other day, my generous husband came home with 2 6-packs of beer last night! Which, since I’m the only drinker in the house, will last me until summertime. And he also brought me a big bottle of Baileys, which, since I only drink it in my coffee, will likely last me until this time next year. (So for those of you keeping a tally: that’s 3 bottles of wine in the fridge, and now a big bottle of Baileys and 2 not-quite-full 6-packs of beer — PARTY AT MY HOUSE! Although the window is now frosted so no more neighbour porn — but if you wait long enough, soon the other neighbours will be out sunbathing naked.)
  • …that I am going to make and decorate cupcakes for Stinkerbelle’s birthday. But they are FROM A MIX. I know. MOM FAIL. But really, I just wanted them to come out perfectly, so really? MOM FAILSAFE! HA HA! So, really, FULL OF WIN!
  • …that my baby is turning three, and it is bittersweet. I love the way she is learning and growing, but we’ll no longer have a baby in the house, and that’s kind of sad. Time is flying by so quickly. I wish I could stop and capture so much of our lives, and who she is right now, every day. But you can’t stop time.
  • …that one of the ways my kid is growing is OMG NEW AND IMPROVED MEMORY. She remembers things now, and it’s been such a change! She can recount some of the things she did during the day. You can’t make an offhand remark, like “We need to go to the store and get milk” because if you then go to the store to get groceries, SHE IS LIKE A WOMAN POSSESSED. OMG MUST GET MILK NOW NOW NOW!! And she will tell EVERYONE she meets that WE HAS TO BUY MILK SEE YOU LATER BUH BYE. But what it also means is that I have to check what I say — I used to just have a running dialogue with her as we went about our day, talking about things we could do or what needs to be done around the house or whatever. But with this OMG NEW AND IMPROVED MEMORY, you can’t just make a throwaway suggestion, like “Hm, what shall we do today, maybe X or Y or Z” because she will REMEMBER those suggestions and REPEAT THEM FOREVER. “We go to PARK, OKAY???” Or, “We go to MALL???” So, I am learning to keep those things to myself, or else HEAR THEM REPEATED AD INFINITUM UNTIL THEY HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.
  • …that my husband suggested we go to Ikea this morning, and I SAID NO. I know, you are SHOCKED. We love to go there. But there is just SO MUCH we want to buy for our home, and we just cannot afford it right now. So rather than go all that way just to window shop and make ourselves crazy — or, worse, go and find something we want and put it on our poor, overworked credit card — we opted to stay close to home. Although we did go to the mall and bought some much needed socks and underwear. And Stinkerbelle LOVESLOVESLOVES to go walking in the mall, so she got some fun walking time in, too! So, it’s not the Festival of Scandinavian Efficiency Home Decor With Crazy Names, but still it was a nice way to spend an hour this morning.

14 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. !!!
    Where have I been? Did not hear of the good news re:fraud charges. YIPEE!! Although my first thought was also, “they’ll get off without seeing a jail cell.”

    • @hazel —

      Yes, I’m counting it good fortune that they finally had all the evidence in order to charge them. But I don’t have much confidence that they’ll go to jail. Although I wish they would rot to death in one, and no mistake.

  2. Where is the daughter’s blog? I would love to read how proud she is of her parents today.

  3. Yeah, my first thought was they deserve to rot in jail or burn in hell. I’m guessing they’ll get the latter. It will be interesting to see if there is any sort of remorse now. I want to see their daughter’s blog too.

    Happy Birthday Stinkerbelle! Enjoy your long weekend with you family!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! Me too!!! although, wouldn’t surprise me if she shut it down today.

    Happiest of Birthdays to That Toddler! Sending her Birthday goodness!

  5. Me too! Meeeee toooo! This is a HAPPY DAY! We’ve been discussing another get-together, let us know when you are free! In May. April is kind of busy. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the fabulous Stinkerbelle!

  6. Um, add me to the blog address list please!!!!

    Yay for charges being laid! FINALLY!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINKERBELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Me too please for the blog address!

    Happy Birthday Stinkerbelle! I betcha your Momma’s cupcakes are going to be absolutely PERFECT!

  8. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there was a resounding “HA! Take THAT you BASTARDS!” echoing across the country.

    And I have made every single one of Sport’s birthday cakes from a mix so the cupcakes sound excellent to me!

  9. I lurk here occasionally Cinn, but I am so hoping those assholes REALLY get what’s coming to them. After all the national news on this story, I think it would be pretty bad for them not to send these scumbags to jail! I’d be loving that blog, too. I had the same thought that the apple doesn’t fall to far, and I was a touch concerned when I saw that many of the IA staff were friends on FB with the 2 daughters. I thought they’d want nothing to do with any Hayhows, after all, they’d lost their jobs after the bankruptcy, but I guess not. I wonder how those conversations would go at work …’oh, I am going to hang out with Missy today. We are going to check out her mom’s new…..’ I know, don’t paint with the same brush, but you’d think you would avoid associating the agency with anything to do with them, especially clients being able to find your FB friend list and see that you are buddy buddy with the daughters. But, that’s my jaded, mistrustful opinion.

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