Random Tuesday: Addictions and Afflictions

It’s only Tuesday, but it feels like it’s already been a long, tiring week. Do we have a long weekend coming up sometime? Isn’t there supposed to be a long weekend for Easter sometime in April? Good doG I hope so.

  • Well, we solved our Neighbour Porn problem with a trip to Home Despot on Saturday, where we picked out some plastic stuff to turn our high-level architectural otherwise-useless-except-for-letting-light-in window into a frosted window. It was pretty easy, really. Measure this plastic stuff out, cut it, spray your window with water and a little dishsoap, stick the plasticky stuff on and squeegee out the bubbles. And voila! No more watching the neighbours banging each other like a screen door in a hurricane. Easy peasy.
  • Speaking of sex between consenting adults, I have been waiting for a movie the BBC put out this year called Christopher and His Kind, starring the current Doctor from Doctor Who, Matt Smith. I love BBC movies and miniseries, I can’t lie. LOVELOVELOVE. And since I also love DW, I was quite excited to see this one. And it was finally uploaded by someone to the Youtubs, and I got to watch it last night. It’s the biography of Christopher Isherwood, on whose books the film Cabaret was based (which I love). And as I am an English Literature grad who is also a fan of period pieces and WWII stuff, it’s a match made in heaven.


I really enjoyed the movie, and thought it was well done. But OMG I was really, REALLY wanting a happy ending. Knowing that Isherwood was a bit of a bastard, and it was a biographical piece, it was not going to happen, but I really wanted it to. The reunion scene between Isherwood and Heinz just tore my heart out. I cried like a baby. Le sigh.

  • We are home sick again today with a cold and a cough. I still cannot get accustomed to listening to my child coughing all night long. Even though I know that, with kids, they oftentimes just sleep right through it — and Stinkerbelle did not fuss at all, so I think she barely woke at all to cough — I still have to fight the urge to DO. SOMETHING. TO. HELP. Although there is nothing, really. Anyway, she’s sick, we’re sick, and we’re all tired, so a quiet day in is the plan. No use going to the gym or whatever and getting everyone else sick, too.
  • I got an email from my SIL Sherri yesterday, confessing her addiction to buying yarn. And sister friend, I can TOTALLY relate. I love buying yarn. All the gorgeous colours and textures, and I can hardly resist. I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head, and yet I am always cruising the local yarn store websites for something lovely to buy. Fortunately, my compulsion to buy yarn is overridden nowadays by my incredible cheapness, and so I rarely if ever buy something. But OMG WANT.
  • I also got an email from the ever-delightful Nif, and in replying confessed MY addiction to collecting recipes. I have THOUSANDS of them on my computer. And I continue to get more. It’s a little silly, really, considering I have actually tried only the tiniest fraction of the ones I have collected. For awhile, I had a couple hundred old issues of Canadian Living Magazine that I was loathe to throw out because OMG RECIPES. But I got all ruthless one day and pitched them out. And now I am thinking I should spend the time and do the same for all my recipes on computer. It would doubtless free up a bit of hard drive space, too.
  • I woke up a handful of times last night, walking off knee pain. In my last physio appointment, I started acupuncture, and the physiotherapist said that with some people doing acupunture, the pain gets worse before it gets better, as things get moving and healing. I don’t know if it’s that, or the bike rides and exercises she has me doing, that are causing the pain. But I am starting to get impatient. April is coming and with it, clear sidewalks… and that means we can WALK. And go OUTSIDE. And DO THINGS. And I want to get out and get walking. I want to get moving and exercising again. And therein lies my problem: I am impatient, and I go too hard and too fast, and get injured, and have to take time to rest and heal. Lather, rinse, repeat. But I guess, I have no choice but to be AN ADULT about it and BE PATIENT and DO ALL THE PHYSIO THINGS. Damn.

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  1. I confess I’m missing Confession friday. I confess I’m a complete and utter undecided wuss. I confess I am scared of people today.

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