Confession Friday

Once again, the end of the week has come. BDH is sick and exhausted AGAIN. I am tired and sore AGAIN. And Stinkerbelle is bored of me AGAIN. So we are glad for the weekend.

I confess:

  • …that this is my 25th Confession Friday!
  • …that it has been warm enough to walk a couple of days this week, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I am not at all sad to see the end of winter. I hate it, I always have and I always will.
  • …that I have probably overdone it with the walking. My knees are bad this morning. I should have taken it easy but I can’t see the point of walking if you’re just going to doddle along and go nowhere. When I walk, I like to go far and get moving. But it’s going to cool down again this weekend, so I suspect I’ll have plenty of time to give them some rest and do my physio exercises.
  • …that, for me, sunshine and spring bring optimism and contentment.
  • …that I am kind of dreading dealing with my gardens this year. They’ve been a bit neglected in the past couple of years because I’ve been busy with Stinkerbelle. But this year, she can play a little more independently so I might have a little more time to take care of them.  And they really do need it.  It’s a bit overwhelming.
  • …that I want to invent something whereby I can reach out over the internet and SMACK people. I have been reading some things recently whereby I want to just give some people a good smack up the bracket. Drama llama mamas. People making bad decisions. Celebrities who are full of stupid. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.
  • …that this story made me cry like a baby this week. In a good way. I’m such a sap when it comes to animals. Good dog. GOOD DOG!
  • …that I overindulged last night. I parked my ass in front of the telly for a couple of old episodes of Top Gear and ate my way through way too much Haagen Dazs. But you know what? It was totally worth it. BDH and I laughed until we couldn’t breathe and spent a couple of hours together for the first time all week. And it was SO MUCH fun.
  • …that I am one of those people who has incurable wanderlust. Really compelling, got-to-go-somewhere-NOW wanderlust. It’s not as bad as it used to be. I can stay quite happily in one place for longer nowadays, and my periods of needing to travel and see new places come less frequently and pass more quickly than they used to. I think BDH is probably happy that I am nagging him about “OMG CAN WE MOVE TO X” far less than I used to.
  • …that I am ridiculously excited for the start of season 6 of Doctor Who. Insert fangirl squeeeeee here.
  • …that one of the things I look forward to most about spring is sitting out on our porch or patio. Having a cup of coffee, surfing the interwebs, knitting, reading… OUTSIDE.


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10 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. OOOOO, I loves me some Top Gear! Which episodes did you watch? Have you seen the Bolivia special – it was hilarious & scary!

    • @Janna — We’re just watching season 9 (I think). It’s the first one they put up on Netflix. It’s the season where they went to the deep South and built stretch limos and sent a car into space (kind of).

      I was DYING during the stretch limo episode. And the farming.

  2. Please, please, please will you tell me where/when season 6 will be airing in Canada?

    I thought ‘Space’ had partnered with the BBC, but can only find series 1-4 on their schedule.

    • @Maria — I’m not sure *exactly* when, but we get it on iTunes so we usually get the episodes right after broadcast. I had heard that the US was getting season 6 at the same time as the UK — their official air date is April 23rd on BBC America — so we should be getting it close to on time as well. I’d check the BBC Canada website and see. Did you check CBC? They carried the first seasons, so maybe they’re picking it up again (Ha. And also HA.)

  3. Ok, thanks for that cry. Like I needed another cry this week. 🙂 Good dog is right!

    I’m dreading the garden right along with you, but also kind of excited to tackle it.

    I can think of some internet smacking that needs to be done as well. When you learn how, let me know.

    • @Tova — I think there’s a great market for internet smacking. If I market it right, it could fund our utopian community with a beach and good healthcare.

  4. oh that dog video, it killed me. I was describing it at work today and people were all OMG STOP I’m going to start crying right now.

    • @tafel — I know! And now there’s all this “ARE THEY RESCUED OR AREN’T THEY???” angst out there on teh Interwebs.

      If there’s not a happy ending, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

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