Random Tuesday: Unscheduled Edition

Tuesdays are random enough without March Break coming along and cancelling all your planned activities. My week is thrown into chaos! Okay, not really. More like it’s thrown into OMG WHAT DO WE DO NOW.

  • My daughter has, of late, been PUTTING ON MY CLOTHES. It started with shoes. Shoes is fine; most preschoolers start parading around in everyone else’s shoes. But SHIRTS? The other day she was bouncing on my bed, and I, sitting at my desk, had my back to her. I turned to find she was sliding off the bed and running to find her father… while wearing my PAJAMAS. This morning? She came into the kitchen with my sweatshirt on with the arms wrapped around her like a scarf, sort of a giant fleece ballgown-slash-straight-jacket. Isn’t this borrowing clothes a teen thing? IT IS TOO SOON FOR THIS.
  • More alarming than Stinkerbelle wearing my clothes? Is LUCY — MY CAT — wearing my clothes. I went to put on a (different) sweatshirt the other day, and SHE WAS IN IT. Periodically, I have pants on my bed that START TO CRAWL AROUND because she is inside them.
  • This morning we went for our First Official Walk of 2011. It was cool-ish but the sun was out — without the wind whistling in from the north at a thousand miles an hour it would have been positively spring-like. So we took advantage of the nice warm morning and I got Stinkerbelle out for some fresh air and exercise. And me, too — I am getting stir-crazy without exercise and needed to test my knee to see how physio is doing. So we got the stroller out and decided to do a walk to the store to buy a few things. It was great. Stinkerbelle did the better part of a kilometre’s walk happily, bellowing her greetings to the world — “HELLO, PUDDLE! GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING, SCHOOL BUS! HELLO!” — as we walked along. And I found my knee holds up to a bit of gentle walking. Although my other one’s playing up, so… back to physio with more complaints.
  • My daughter thinks dogs are TEH FUNNIEST THING EVAR. Now, I don’t know if she has noticed, but she lives in a house with THREE CATS and TWO CAT PEOPLE. So, we’re not going to be getting a dog anytime soon. Like, EVER. And yet? She LOVES them. And not being a dog person myself, I am overly careful whenever there are dogs about when we are out for a walk or whatever, making sure she holds my hand when dogs are coming, or picking her up, or getting between her and the dogs… So, generally showing as much caution as possible when approaching dogs. But not Stinkerbelle. OH NO. Her reaction to seeing a dog approach is to SHOUT ANY AND EVERY DOG-RELATED WORD SHE KNOWS AT IT, AS LOUDLY AND EXCITEDLY AS POSSIBLE.  So, that’s fun. You can be sure to come and visit me in hospital after I have had to throw myself between her and some dog that she’s whipped into a Stinkerbelle-friendliness-induced frenzy.
  • Parenting Fail of the Week: This week’s Parenting FAIL is brought to you by the makers of processed cheese products and Campbell’s soup. We have been very, very bad at making nutritious meals here recently. Between the BigDamnHero’s ridiculous workload, and his soccer schedule, and my physio appointments, and being glued to news coverage of what’s happening in Japan, we’ve had a number of soup-and-grilled-cheese nights. Or spaghetti or other pasta. Better than burgers, I grant you. But still. It’s been a long time since Stinkerbelle has seen more than one vegetable on her plate. And it’s not getting any better anytime soon.
  • Parenting AHA! of the Week: It’s amazing how much you can bribe a kid to eat with the promise of a sip of pop if she chews/swallows/eats whatever you tell her to. But we have gotten clever — “pop” is often a LOT of juice with a SPLASH of soda in it to make it a little bubbly. Hey, when you are going into year 2 of eating delays and issues, you do whatever it takes to get the food in and down. And, even though nutritious meals have gone the way of the dodo here recently, at least we know she’s getting some fruit juice and vitamins.
  • My daughter LOVESLOVESLOVES the Wii.  Specifically, the games on WiiFit. She asks to “play” them every day. And she has her own Mii that she uses to “play” her favourite games. Although, “play” might be overstating it a bit. Mostly, it consists of Stinkerbelle standing on the board, while I put my feet on it as well and try to overcome her bouncing, swaying, jumping self to get the game to do what it is supposed to do. Sometimes she doesn’t even participate, she just watches and cheers on “her” efforts. Ahem.
  • After a few days of earthquake and tsunami news, I think I am reaching my limit. I can only watch people’s lives being destroyed — or worse, watch them die on camera as the tsunami sweeps them away — so much before I just need to walk away. I want to keep abreast of what is happening there so much, and I worry so much, but the enormity and the sheer horror of what’s happened is getting to me. I’ve dreamt about tsunami and earthquakes and emergencies and Japan for days now. No wonder baking seems like a good thing — BAKED GOODS THERAPY FTW!!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Unscheduled Edition

  1. Dogs are awesome. But so are cats. I can’t decide. I’m a fence sitter on this issue. Mind you, I dislike stinky dogs. And I dislike cats with certain bad habits.

  2. The part about having pants walk around the bed totally made me snort. I sometimes get around to folding a laundry basket of sheets only to be extremely startled by something stirring in the depths.

    I am down to only print media, not television. It’s more mentally manageable that way. If mentally manageable is a thing, that is, which it probably isn’t.

  3. I love dogs and cats! it’s true I do!

    Ya, for a little Stinkerbelle Mii!!! We love Wii in our house and Miis are so much fun!!!

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