Saturday Smile: Thinking of Japan

Because it is in my thoughts, I went and dug out some photos from my time in Japan, 20 years ago. Of course, I lived in Kyoto Prefecture, so, nowhere near the region so devastated by yesterday’s earthquake and tsunami. But given the violence of yesterday’s quake, even in Kyoto, people probably would have felt some rumblings.

I am in the process of scanning all the actual negatives of pictures I took, and have not gotten very far in the project. These are mostly taken in my first months there. Taken with a disposable camera, they’re not the best photos — hell, they’re probably not even the best pictures I have. Which reminds me that I really should return to this project soon.

On a day like yesterday, when I needed to escape and and think, these are a few of the places I would go, to find some calm in the middle of the busy rushing life in a city there.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Thinking of Japan

  1. I know so many people who have lived and worked in Japan – some even in Sendai. I find it almost impossible to grasp the scale of this disaster.

  2. These are beautiful pictures. Tafel is right, it is so hard to grasp the magnitude of the disaster. It makes me feel helpless. As my friend would say, sending all my love to them.

  3. We watched the news for hours and both just mortified at the extent of the damage and how horrific it all would have been.

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