Love Affair

The time has come, friends, for complete and utter honesty. I am here to confess to you, my closest Internets peeps, that I am having a love affair.OH YES. A capital-L-Love-Affair.

I know, it comes as a shock to you. But it is true. For I must confess to you, RIGHT HERE AND NOW, that I am IN LOVE. With TASTY BAKED GOODS.

Specifically, baked goods with BUTTERMILK in them.Yes. Buttermilk. Not something most people bake with, I think; at least, not so much here. I know buttermilk is big in the US. Anyway, I only fairly recently came to worship at The Temple of Buttermilk, and now I am a CONVERT.

I had not baked with buttermilk for my entire life, until a few years ago. I tried a few things at first. Buttermilk bread. Pancakes (all right, not baking, but cooking. Whatevs.) Biscuits. Bran muffins (RANA YOU ENABLER YOU WITH YOUR TASTY BRAN MUFFINS WITH BUTTERMILK IN THEM WHY NOT JUST SAY “HERE, HAVE THIS CRACK”???).

But recently, it has been coffeecake. Sweet, spicy coffeecake, moist with buttermilk, and scented with cinnamon and nutmeg, and a topping of pecans and streusel… How am I to RESIST the siren song, I ask you? So I made some on the weekend. It was (and still is, for it is not finished yet) delectable, warmed ever so slightly with a dollop of whipped cream on top.


They have all been such tasty morsels, but there was something missing.

SCONES. I needed to make scones.

So today, I made orange cranberry scones. The whole house was fragrant with citrus. They were rough cut into triangles and came out all golden and flaky. PERFECT with a cup of tea.

They seem to be life’s perfect Baked Goods.

And yet, as I looked at them, warm and fragrant and cooling on a rack, my mind wandered. And I thought….

“Ooooh… SODA BREAD!”


My husband, the Type II Diabetic, has been understanding of my Love Affair so far, because work has been OMG STRESSFUL and who doesn’t like a little delicious sumpin’ sumpin’ after a long stressful day at work? But I fear soon he’s going to be all OMGSTOP YOU MENTAL PATIENT YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH BAKING. Which is true because if there’s one thing that is bad for a diabetic it’s all that flour and sugar in the guise of Tastiness, calling out to you from the countertop.

And let’s face it. I could do with less myself.

But spring is coming, and with it the warm weather. And it will soon be time for fresh produce and gardening and being outside, and baking will not have a place in a busy outdoors day.

Oh well. It was bound to happen. Best put a few things aside in the freezer for a rainy day.

15 thoughts on “Love Affair

  1. ahhhhhh Buttermilk! How do I love thee…let me count the ways!

    Ummmm, can you email me the coffee cake and scone recipe.

    (I had your email but not sure I have the right onw because I have sent you some emails and not heard back…send your phone number too so I can call ya for a chat)

  2. Hmm. Perhaps I should try buttermilk in something other than pancakes. Then again, perhaps not, lest I too fall victim to the coffee cake of doom.

  3. You know what else buttermilk is good for? Chicken! Mmmmmmm. And buttermilk oatmeal pancakes.

  4. Ok people. STOP! This wouldn’t be a love affair for me, but an illicit love affair. Wheat does nasty things to me. NASTY. So until you can figure out how to make these with whole grain spelt flour…? No? I thought not.

    Oh, and I have a kick ASS chicken buttermilk recipe. I could just sit and eat the sauce, forget the chicken.

    Cinn. Stop the madness, otherwise I may start convincing husband we need to move east.

    • Also @Tova — Why not substitute spelt flour for regular in scones and coffeecake? Would it work? If you treat it gently, would you be able to get enough rise out of it to make a fair coffeecake? I know spelt can be used to make soda bread, which has no kneading at all involved, so I got to wondering. No kneading at all in coffeecake either, and really you are only mixing until it comes together, so it might be doable. With scones, you do a little bit of kneading but if you did it very sparingly and then pulled it together like a soda bread… Hm. Now you got me thinking.

  5. @ Cinn. Because I’m trying to cut sugar from my diet. So STOP WITH THE IDEAS AND GIVING ME THOUGHTS AND BROADENING MY WORLD! Although, there is a cafe that makes the most delicious soda bread in the whole world here and the bread is expensive and amazing and I would scrap all manners of nutrition plans out the closed window for this bread. So if you have a good soda bread recipe that I can try with spelt, SEND IT TO MEEEE! NOW!

    Chicken recipe coming to your email STAT. Deep breaths in the mean time.

    • @Tova — Ah, sugar. It’s been making me its bitch for… well, forEVER, actually.

      I will send along the soda bread recipe I use. It’s pretty easy and would bear some experimentation with spelt flour, no doubt. And I’ll send along the scones recipe too — it seems to do well with a fair bit of modification, and you can keep the sugar to a minimum.

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