Confession Friday

I have to admit, I am glad it is Friday. I mean, as a SAHM, it’s not like I get a weekend in the traditional sense or anything. But it is nice to have nowhere to go, no appointments or classes or anything, and to have BDH at home for a couple of days. Weekends are good that way.

So it is confession day. I confess…

  • …that although there are moments when I miss the whole weekend thing, of doing what I want and being lazy and watching whatever I want and sleeping late and all that, I would not trade That Baby over there **points that way** for anything in the world. She constantly reminds me in a million different little ways how incomplete life was without her.
  • …that when my husband rants and raves about news of injustice and violence and the distress and deprivation of children in the world, I am secretly delighted that his world view has changed so completely with the arrival of That Baby in our lives. And I have to admit, I find his new Righteous Daddy attitude kinda sexy.
  • …that having dance parties with my daughter is one of the best parts of being a mom. Singing and dancing and being silly is great fun, and I am glad my kid likes them as much as I do.
  • …that I really miss exercising and being active. I thought being forced to sit and do nothing while my knee has been bad would be a lovely excuse to be lazy. But in fact, I am going a little stir crazy. I miss walking, and having the option to exercise if I want to. Yeah, when I am fat and out of shape it is a real fucking chore to exercise and eat well, and I hate it while I am in the middle of it, but now that I can’t I am wishing I could. I am looking forward to hearing what my physiotherapist says I can start doing in terms of exercise. I know she’s going to say swimming. I hate the idea of swimming as exercise. Maybe she’ll say walking.
  • …that, if we can start walking again, I am kinda wondering if Stinkerbelle is getting too old to ride in a stroller-type deal to go for walks. She’s almost three, but she likes to go for the ride, and I like to walk with her. I know it would start some of the neighbours to gossiping, but I really want to continue going for walks. When is a kid too old for that stuff, anybody know?
  • …that I have been craving scones this week. Scones with butter and jam, and tea. Breakfast food. And I feel like making some. Maybe orange cranberry. And cinnamon raisin.
  • …that I dump old wilting cut flowers, apples and vegetables over the back fence for the deer. I probably shouldn’t, and I make sure to keep a respectful distance if the deer are out and would never encourage them to eat out of my hand or anything. But this way, the flowers and produce don’t go to waste, and there’s something relatively fresh for the deer to eat to help them through the cold of the winter. And right now there’s a pretty little one munching on an apple that otherwise would have been chucked in the garbage.
  • …that I am kind of dreading springtime, because we have to face the reality that it is time to get our roof re-shingled. It has been ten years, and when it gets really windy, I can look out and see the odd shingle has blown off the roof. And a bunch of shingles are starting to curl up. We can MAYBE put it off for another season, but honestly, I think it’s time to bite the bullet and get it done. But man, that shit is EXPENSIVE. And we have enough debt to worry about.
  • …that I normally start the flowers and vegetables for my garden from seed by now. But I am procrastinating because I am not sure where to put them, what with an inquisitive preschooler and a Very Bad Cat in the house. I have to get them done, though. It’s getting late. Maybe this weekend.
  • …that my kid is getting into drawers and cupboards, so it is time to put the computer away and get our day in gear.

5 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Yes, the dance parties! They are delightful and I enjoy them to bits too!

    As for the stroller, as long they want to sit and stroll while you walk and push I say there is no age limit…well…o.k. 15 might be a bit too old…even 10 but you know…3, 4, 5 all good as long as they want to sit.

    Scones and tea! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

  2. We have awesome dance parties too! Sometimes I think abiut how mortifying it woulb be if there was a hidden camera in the room! ha!

    I’m with Rana, as long as she’ll sit, there is no age limit.

    • @Mary — What’s sad is that we dance AS IF there is a video camera. Stinkerbelle does a great Michael Franti rap hands thing. And a very soulful interpretive dance-ballet fusion thing. And me? I’m all big Freddie drama.


  3. Yep I say until they throw a fit and refuse to sit in the stroller, stroll away. And once that happens, try those trikes that have a telescoping handle on the back to push them with – that way the kid feels like they are a BIG KID but you can still go at a pace faster than an ant.

    LIke this, only this one is pretty deluxe, there are much more basic versions.

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