Random Tuesday: Frazzled Edition

Gah. New week again? Already?

  • So I have probably mentioned about a billion times that I am a walking advertisement for why high-level athletes should take physiotherapy seriously. Because when I went to university back in sport’s Dark Ages (the 80s), there was really no such thing. Physio was for basketball players and football players and certainly not for women, WOMEN ARE NOT ATHLETES DON’T BE SILLY. Also, there was this ridiculous belief that if there was no pain there was no gain and also if you were hurt you should just PLAY THROUGH THE PAIN DON’T BE A WUSS. So my various and sundry injuries were left unattended, and in the intervening years I didn’t realize that sports medicine advanced enough that some of them could have been fixed. And now my body is falling apart from abuse and neglect. Anyway, now, any time I try to exercise to any extent that it might make a difference in my life (like walking faster than a granny with a walker, for example, or maybe even riding a bike OMG ARE YOU NUTS) I exacerbate one of these injuries and end up in great pain and with ever declining fitness. Like now, for example. My left knee is hurt, and it gets worse when I am inactive. This means that, after I go to bed, I am woken up every 30 – 45 minutes with OMG TERRIBLE PAIN. And the only way to get rid of it is to get up and walk around, get the joint moving and lubricated again. The strongest over the counter pain meds do not help. So every night, every 45 minutes or so, I have to wake up and do some pacing around the bedroom. Sometimes I do a little dance. Mostly I am so tired I lean over with my face on the bed and my legs marching. It is horrible. I am exhausted. I am so tired, I am beyond tired. I am so tired I am frazzled and touchy and could bust out into crying for absolutely anything. The good news is that I am booked in to see a physiotherapist. The bad news is, it’s a full week before they can see me. Can I not sleep for a week? We’ll have to see.
  • I am trying to get my daughter into nursery school come September, which means she needs to be on a waiting list… like, last year sometime. I found the nursery school we want — it comes highly recommended by everyone, not least of which is Stinkerbelle’s developmental worker who has nothing but praise for the program. The one weird thing is that the school is religiously affiliated, and I am SO NOT. I have not been struck down by the fist of an angry god when I walked through the door when I have been there to visit, so that’s got to be a good sign, right? So I started to get the forms together in November, and it took me until February to find somebody in town who I felt I knew well enough to ask to be an emergency contact. That’s sad and pathetic. Anyway. I got the forms in, and the wait list was to be filtered TODAY, so now we are just waiting on word. Like, I am going to JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN if the phone rings and the caller ID says it’s the school. That’s how bad I want her to go there. Anyway, I got an email from them today — one of the requirements is parental participation in washing toys and other teacher assistant jobs during the year, which I am fine with, but which requires a police check before we can participate, and there’s a piece of information missing on the form. So, on the one hand, OMG HOW WEIRD to get an email from a CHURCH asking me for a POLICE RECORDS CHECK. But also… OMG SQUEE MAYBE THIS IS A GOOD SIGN. I hope so. But I will be on tenterhooks until we get word.
  • My daughter has returned to her Little Gym class for one more session of general gym time. She’s in a class where she appears to be the oldest kid in class — certainly, the most mature — so I fear she will get bored easily. However, her birthday falling in April as it does, it’s smack in the middle of a gym semester, so I could probably have argued to move her up into a 3-4 year olds class. But I thought it might be good from a developmental perspective to keep her in a general class until she was well and truly old enough to start something else, like dance or sports or gymnastics, rather than push her ahead and have her fail. However, today, we came out of her class, and she saw several little girls going into the 3-4 year olds Dance class. And suddenly, in the doorway to the dance class, Stinkerbelle hit the floor in the doorway of the classroom and did this cat trick of OMG GRAVITY IS PULLIN ME SO HARD RITE NOW I ARE TOO HEVVY YOU CANT PICK ME UP. (Our cat Opus used to do that all the time when you tried to move her from a spot where she wanted to be. OMG I AM SO HEVVY GRAVITY IS SO HARD.) And there was Stinkerbelle, pulling for the floor, and I had to FORCIBLY REMOVE HER FROM THE DOOR. She was ALL about just joining the class RIGHT NOW OMG DANCING CLASS NAO PLZ OR I WILL DIE. So now I am waffling again. I still think, in the long run, she will be more ready in the fall, as her language skills catch up with her age, to be able to follow directions and participate fully. But to see her so desperate to join makes me second guess, just a little bit. And hopefully we don’t have to endure another 3 months of lying in the doorway of the dance class pretending we’re under the gravitational pull of a black hole.

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Frazzled Edition

  1. I hope your physiotherapist is nice. I didn’t go way back in the days of my initial injury(s) because he looked like the henchman from a bond film. Specifically, Jaws from Moonraker.

    A couple of years ago my Dr. successfully sent me to a new physio place. The therapist was a nice, petite woman. Totally not scary. At first. I Kid! I’m a kidder! It will be so very much worth it. The wait will be bad, but you’ve had longer ones, right?

    Fingers will be crossed here for Stinkerbelle’s acceptance to the preschool of choice. Also for your successfully getting past the dance room door. I remember the days of the boneless child. Trying to scoop/heave a small one off the floor while retaining your dignity and composure is not easy.

  2. I hate when they lose their bones and all effects of the gravitational pull. Hate. It.

    I was going to kick your butt to get a physio appt – fortunately for you you have one pending. Hang in. As Maria said, it will be sooo worth it.

  3. Police check reports are so much a part of any activity when children are involved. Our small church has to have anyone involved with children checked even if that person has been a member for fifty years. Who knows what a person could have done in some ancient days gone by. It is all for the safety of the children. And who can argue with that.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the knee. That just SUCKS. And I’m being polite. I really hope you get some relief soon. I wish I could help somehow.

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