Confession Friday

I am glad it is Friday, not least because it is the start of a long weekend. I don’t know if I have tons to confess this week, since we have been doing next to nothing but fighting colds. There’s something to be said for staying in and resting, I have to say.

I confess…

  • …that since Stinkerbelle has been sick all week, I have cancelled all our regularly scheduled activities and kept her at home. And my work computer connection is in the fritz as well so I cannot work. And being unable to work or go out or do things has been kind of nice, actually. Although we’re (read: Stinkerbelle) getting a bit bored and will need to get back into some activities soon.
  • …that since Tova mentioned it, I have been daydreaming about taking a few days away at a hotel and napping in between long stretches of sleep.
  • …that I am SO ready to be done with this February melancholia and miserable weather. No, scratch that. I am ready to be done with winter, full stop.
  • …that I find there is little that relaxes me as much as doing a yoga class at the end of a day. There’s something about being alone in a quiet, low-lit room, stretching and breathing and letting go of the day’s worries that I really enjoy. I just started doing my favourite online classes in the evening again and I am appreciating it so much.
  • …that I have been craving sweets, specifically chocolate and baking, for awhile now. It is my comfort food and in the cold and misery of February, all I want (besides sleep) is comfort.
  • …that I am going to make a coffee cake this weekend, and I don’t care who knows it. I know it is not good for me, but I will make it in all its cinnamony, brown sugary glory and then eat it. WITH lots of tea. So THERE.
  • …that we have had a few days of warm weather — yesterday was over 10 degrees — and it’s melting all the snow and making me go all ZOMGWTFBBQ ITS SPRING OMG OMG. Which it ISN’T, of course. It’s just doing this to eff me up and will rain snow and misery down on me in a couple of days. Bastard weather.
  • …that I had a selfish Mommy moment this week, and I am unapologetic. I had to go to my mandated-by-the-provincial-government, omg-what-a-waste-of-an-hour orientation class for Stinkerbelle’s speech therapy. But it was worth it, in that when I got home, BDH told me of how That Baby cried “Mommy come home” after I left. And although I don’t REALLY want my baby to be sad, I must admit that it was immensely gratifying to know that she missed me. Normally, it’s Daddy who goes away, so it’s Daddy she misses, and when he is home, she is ALL ABOUT THE DADDY. So it was kind of nice to get a little of that too.
  • …that we lived in our house over 10 years, and we have yet to paint two of the bedrooms and the bathrooms. They are still sporting the “builder’s white” paint they had when we first moved in.
  • …that I am determined that once the weather turns and I can open some windows, I am totally going to do some painting. I have not broken the news to BDH yet, nor have I figured out how this will fly with an active three-year-old about the place. And I am not entirely sure I am motivated enough to tackle the bathrooms, but definitely the bedrooms, And the kitchen and playroom, too. Something bright and fun. We need that.

2 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Painting with children = impossible. You either have to get someone to take the kid, or do it when she’s sleeping. But it feels so great when it’s done!!!

    Save some coffee cake, I’ll be there in 5 hours.

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