The Scarf

Alright, my interwebs peeps, it is time. Time for the unveiling of The Scarf.

Behold! Bask in the glory of the knitting project that knew no end!

(Sorry the pictures are so badly exposed. It’s a black scarf with green characters on it.)

I started this scarf back in late November 2009 when I was younger and more ambitious and Stinkerbelle was less mobile and less busy. I quickly learned that colourwork and toddlers do not mix.

So it got shelved for a goodly period of time.

But I picked it back up again in the fall and knit a row here and a row of pattern there. And then I decided to get the damn thing done before Christmas.

Didn’t happen. But I was close, so I used my 11 in 2011 knitting challenge to get it done.

(knitgeek talk)

The pattern is easy (Binary from Knitty 2006) and the colourwork is just 2 colours, but it’s knit in the round, and you carry both colours at all times. And if your circular needles are too long (as mine were by about an INCH goddammit), it’s a pain in the fricking arse. Not to mention the fingers. And I didn’t swatch beforehand so it’s my own fault, but I never swatch. I AM A REBEL SO THERE. And I used acrylic because you want something like this to wear like iron — maybe a superwash wool would have been better. But I’d hate for BDH to find he could not wear wool next to the skin after all this work.

(/knitgeek talk)

So it’s about 6 or 7 feet long and really wide and as thick as hell, and BDH seems to love it. And I am glad. It was a challenge, and reminded me why I rarely do colourwork. But I like the finished product and I’m glad I did it.

And I can’t show you February’s challenge until I get it in the mail because OMG ITS A SURPRISE. So, I’ll have to find something else to show you in the meantime.

7 thoughts on “The Scarf

  1. 01000010 01100101 01100001 01110101 01110100 01101001 01100110 01110101 01101100! That’s a LOTTA colorwork. Way to persevere and finish that bad boy!

  2. Looks great!

    Binary is really cool too. You can use it to teach stinkerbelle how to count in binary during the warmer months – she will be the coolest kid in school!

  3. I saw this scarf in person in progress and it is gorgeous. I am sure BDH will love it, especially as it came from you and I know how proud he is of you. From one knitter to another…job very well done. I don’t have the nerve to try colorwork.

  4. That is one AWESOME scarf. You know what would be more awesomer though? If it were a pair of binary knitted PANTS! Which is sort of looks like in the first pic, if you take off the fringe…. Ya, I’m weird.

  5. I agree. binary knitted outfits for the whole family. And then one of those family Christmas postcards made up in your outfits. SUWEET! That would be.

  6. ha… Sport thought they were pants in the photo too. I told him that you knitted them and he said politely, “Oh… they are very unusual pants.” Hee.

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