Confession Friday

As the saying goes, thank doG it’s Friday. It has been another busy week, and I am glad for the weekend.

I confess…

  • …that everyone in my house needs a lot more sleep than they have been getting of late.
  • …that I am pretty effing cranky these days from lack of sleep. If it’s not That Baby waking up at an ungodly hour to cough and then carrying on “coughing” in an attempt to get someone to come into her room, then it’s the fact that the pain from this bad knee of mine has been waking me up three and four times a night. I have to get up and shift positions, and get up and walk around, and do yoga stretches. So I am getting a seriously limited amount of sleep, and it is not a good look for me.
  • …that I hate February. Some months suck, and to me, February is one of them. I know some people love February, but for me it’s an endless pit of cold and dark and misery. (February lovers, don’t take it personally. I also hate November for much the same reason, and August for personal reasons.) I am not feeling the SAD symptoms this time of year normally brings thanks to daily vitamin D drops, but I am still feeling cold and miserable and kind of tired of winter inertia.
  • …that we splurged and bought a fireplace this week. Canadian Tire had a half-off sale, and we need some heat for our big but chilly attic space, so we bit the bullet and got a nice electric fireplace. It’s basically a glorified space heater, but it looks a whole lot better. It’s a nice looking piece of furniture, and adds some nice ambience. We’re looking to reclaim some of our house space that was emptied for the incoming baby and by throwing out damaged stuff from the late, great peeing kitty. It’s slow, since we’re a one income home, but this was a nice start.
  • …that winter itch is killing me. (If you’ve not heard of it before, it’s a kind of eczema that comes with dry skin in wintertime.) I have ridiculous sensitive skin, and so I get it pretty bad every year. No amount of drinking water or moisturizing or anti-itch creams seems to fight it. I have big ugly bruises from scratching so hard. It looks like I have been beaten. One year, I had bruises on my legs the size of my hand. Just another reason to hate February.
  • …that I meant to post photos of my January knitting project yesterday, but what with a power outage in the morning and a play date, and then shovelling out the plowed-in driveway and doing actual work in the afternoon, the day got away from me. So, later.
  • …that although I have been trying to use my slow cooker more and try new recipes, I am feeling in a rut, meal-wise. I haven’t been feeling inspired to cook a lot recently. I feel like baking but that takes planning and time, and then we really should not eat the end result anyway.
  • …that I am finally getting Stinkerbelle’s nursery school application in today. It’s been sitting on my desk for two months. Procrastination, I has it.
  • …that I am kind of looking forward to a trip to Michaels this month. My February knitting project (which I can’t really tell you what it is because it is a gift for one of my Internet peeps so I don’t want to spoil the surprise) requires a few crafty-type supplies, so I am going to pack up That Baby later in the month and do a little trip to Michaels. I just have to try to rein myself in when I go. I tend to get a little craft crazy when I go near a Michaels (or any craft store, I can’t lie).
  • …that I am really trying to make a dent in my Big-Ass To-Do List of Things That Need to Be Done Around The House and Also For Other People. It’s slow, but I am making tiny bits of progress. One has to celebrate one’s victories where one can. Especially in February.

4 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Regarding slow cooker recipes & the consumption thereof, here’s one we love. Take 2 pork tenderloins, add sliced onions (2 or so, and best to put them on the bottom, then the pork on top), a jar of salsa verde (the tomatillo kind), a can of chopped green chillis, and some garlic. Cook for 8 hours or so on low, then pull apart with a fork or tongs. It’s great on rice or as tacos or burritos.

    I also hear you on the lack of sleep – I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night every night this week, sneezing. Yes, I sneeze in my sleep. Yes, it sucks.

  2. I hear ya about February – it looks all pretty and blinks it’s long eyelashes at you and says “but March is right around the corner and we all know March is nice so I must be too” but you aren’t nice February! You aren’t nice at all!

  3. February is the arm pit of the year. I may change my mind on that if I get a referral though…

    Also, maybe adding more cayenne to your diet? I tried cayenne pills once and they helped a lot, but I couldn’t get past the mildly sweaty feeling all the time.

    Yay! for getting things checked off the To Do list. It does feel good. I say February is a right off anyway, may as well make it memorable as the To Do month.

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