Random Tuesday: And Another Thing…

It continues to be random.

  • I was taking Stinkerbelle to her gym class this morning. Our house, and our street, backs onto a conservation/watershed area in town. It’s large and wooded and home to many creatures, including the deer who do the Charleston. So, it was not altogether surprising, but still quite unusual, to pull up to the end of my street and prepare to turn out onto the main drag, and see police and cars stopped about 100 yards off. And there, between the cars, was a man, hunched down, petting and comforting a COYOTE who was lying on the road. Possibly a WOLF. Apparently, one of the cars had hit the animal as it tried to cross the road. I didn’t get close enough to tell what it was, likely a coyote since they are more common at the south end here than wolves, but hey. Either one. Anyway, the Humane Society/Animal Control people were there, and the coyote was all chillin’ and lying there sort of half-sitting up like dogs do, doing that whole doggie pant-pant-pant thing and looking around, and the man with him was petting him and giving him scritches, so my guess is the accident had happened a while earlier and they had sedated the big old boy (or girl) until they could get him to a vet. And, after I called BDH to let him know it was not ME, in case he saw it on his Twitter feed… I suddenly felt all warm and happy inside. Because THIS? Is the town I have grown to know and love, wherein people get out of their cars in traffic in the worst weather of the winter to help and comfort a wounded animal, and where animal control people are capable of handling a situation like this, and where just 5 minutes down the road we have the best veterinary school in the world where this animal will be cared for and rehabilitated and, if at all possible, released back into the wild again. This is a town where I can take a wounded bird in any time of the day or night to be taken care of (and have done). This is a city where two wounded turkey vultures become much-beloved residents at a local conservation area, and get all the city’s roadkill to eat. This is a town that is home to a Donkey Sanctuary. This is a place where you can see deer milling about behind your back fence. This is a city where the police are called to hunt down and kill a three-legged coyote because people are afraid and too stupid to keep their cats indoors, and the sharpshooters purposefully MISS, and say, “Whoops. Sorry. NOW KEEP YOUR DAMN PETS INDOORS.”  THIS is why I love this city so much. This is why I love living here.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: And Another Thing…

  1. DUDES. We live in Guelph. And I love it here. Let me show you the IM conversation I had with BDH this afternoon, which illustrates why:

    I went out to fill the bird feeder
    I was dumping in feed and so I was banging the container on the feeder to empty out the last little bit
    They’re all standing there looking at me
    Curly, Larry and Moe
    So I’m all “Sorry dudes, is bird seed”
    But they’re all FUD? FUD? FUD? FUD?
    So I went in and got them some carrots and they was all NOM NOM NOM WE LOVE CARRUTS IS NOMMY
    And they were all MORE FUD?
    So I tossed them an apple each
    And they was all NOM NOM NOM MOAR
    But we don’t have moar
    So now they’re all hanging around like teens in a mall.
    I mean, we have 3 more apples and 3 more carrots but I am not giving them all our food.
    I am afraid to wake up tomorrow with these 3 jokers at the back door.

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