Confession Friday

Yay! Friday! I’m glad to see the weekend. It’s been a long, cold week. I’d like to lounge about in my comfy clothes and knit and nap and stuff. Saturday has stuff going on, but maybe Sunday will be a good down day.

Anyway, it’s time for this week’s baring of the soul. So I confess…

  • …that I am really looking forward to meeting some of my online peeps in person at the adoption get together this weekend. The most awesome Janna and ChristyCanuck I know for sure will be there, but are any of you others going? Lurkers, now’s your chance to let me know to look out for you.
  • …that I admit that I am also feeling a bit of trepidation at meeting my online peeps. I fear that people who like me online will find the “real life” me disappointing.
  • …that I feel some dread at the prospect of plunging into a busy and chaotic social situation with my kid tomorrow. There are some parents and their really badly behaved children that I am hoping will not be attending. It is stressful for me to be on alert all the time in these situations, making sure my kid is behaving herself amid the chaos, and making sure that the children from hell don’t injure or treat my child badly (as they have done in the past).
  • …that I am a little concerned about the fact that this party is scheduled in the afternoon, while my kid is usually napping. So, as she will have to forgo her nap, I worry that Stinkerbelle might not have a good time, or be at her best.
  • …that I was all pleased with myself yesterday for having leftovers for dinner instead of opting for take out, and then BDH brought take out home. And I kind of enjoyed having junk food. I can’t lie.
  • …that I am on my second book for book club, and while it is far more enjoyable than the last book we read (which was AWFUL), so far I’m finding this one is kind of dumb. It’s fine, but I have already finished the first chapter and am finding the style is beginning to grate on me and the premise is getting old. I am hoping, knowing the plot a bit, that it will change considerably soon.  I am hopeful that it finishes strongly. Fiction is not my favourite genre, but I am giving it a try. But if I am not enjoying the books, I might have to reconsider if I am really cut out for a book club.
  • …that while I am kind of bummed that we are getting new next-door neighbours AGAIN (for the 3rd time in about 7 years) I am OMG EXCITED that the new neighbour? Is a POLICE OFFICER. A female cop is moving in next door. This means, first off — no students moving in next door. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF. But secondly, dealing with the noisy and irresponsible students we already do have on the street just potentially got a lot easier.
  • …that I have some niggling, sit-down-at-my-desk-and-just-do-it stuff that I HAVE to get done, and I just haven’t. I have a work project that I want to get off my desk. I have paperwork for Stinkerbelle that has to get done. I have packages that need to be done up and sent. I just have to get my shit together and get them done. Like, this weekend.
  • …that I really hate winter. The wind is blowing and the snow is flying and the temperature is dropping outside, and I REALLY don’t want to go out in it. But groceries await.
  • …that some baking would be really nice today. Cold day, warm oven, delicious smells in the house.

26 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Don’t worry about me, I am not intimidating at all, or even all that interesting. In fact, I’m kind of shy. Also, I’m really excited that I will actually know (OK, not IRL) someone there besides our fellow adopting friends from Milton. Last time we went (2 years ago) I didn’t really take advantage of talking to BTDT families, due to my shyness. I can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Miffed that I don’t get to meet you this weekend. Trust me, I’m not nearly as interesting in person, as on my blog. Cause on our blogs we write about the most interesting parts of our lives. Plus, if your house is warm, and there is snow outside, and delicious smells in the oven, me and the kids will be over in a flash. The kids because they haven’t gotten enough snow this winter, and me to be a sloth with you.

    I intend to be a sloth today. Except for the necessary cooking and cleaning that will be required. Trying my hand at Indian food tonight. It’s after 9 and everyone is still in jammies, and most of us haven’t even eaten breakfast.

    My mother would be horrified! 🙂
    (i’m always looking for the silver linings of her being dead, and there are damn few, but this is one of them)

  3. OK, I lurk here but have commented once or twice I think. I will be there Saturday – easily identified as the single lady without a kid. Look forward to meeting you!

  4. @Janna — At long last, we’re finally doing the meet-up we’ve been talking about for years!

    @Kendra — Yay, look forward to meeting you! (And you can give me some home decor tips too because I always enjoy the renos you talk about on your blog!)

    @Tova — It’s too bad the commute would be so brutal, you guys can come over for baked goods and slothful costume drama watching anytime.

  5. Meeting online peeps IRL is the best! I am jealous and positive you and Stinkerbelle will have a great time.

    I’m glad to hear that Dr with the poop incident has been resolved. I hope he fired the person he hired to clean his deck!

  6. Okay, in the interests of full disclosure, I must tell you something: my child had a rather out-of-character, complete and total fit at yoga class yesterday. Now, I bet you’re wondering what I feel the need to disclose more: that my child misbehaved badly yesterday or that she is taking yoga at age four. 😛

    Although I’m a tough one to get to shut up on a Yahoo group, I will happily join the shy posse at the shindig. Janna, looking forward to meeting you. Cinn, looking forward to finding you behind the fiscus.


    P.S. There were no injuries at yoga. Well, nothing injured except for some family dignity.

  7. My child is yoga impaired. Apparently downward dog is simply an excuse to tunnel under Mom. Or use the in-use yoga mat for her favourite pose, “horizontal parade rest”.

    Me and the fiscus? Gonna be like THIS tomorrow.

  8. Oh, and also? If we’re all about full disclosure…

    I BOUGHT COFFEECAKE FOR TOMORROW. Yep, that’s right. And my lastname starts with “M”.

    A rebel. I am one.

  9. Coffeecake, eh? Well.

    You’ll recognize me by what I’m bringing: soup and nuts.

  10. Oh, one other thing. Since you don’t know what I look like, you’ll probably find me talking to Kendra since I know her and she’s good people.

  11. Yes, but I don’t know what she looks like either.


    Feh. More coffeecake for me, then.

  12. This plan sounds absolutly perfect!!!1
    I´m sure,you are going to enjoy a lot.
    What´s a pity I can´t be there…my rice cakes are delicious.
    Enjoy all together!!!

  13. Dammit. But I don’t wanna get stuck eating only soup and nuts.

    Since our girls are stunning, I think it should be fairly easy for them to recognize each other. Surely they will lead the way. (Here’s a hint for Stinkerbelle: H. will have her hair in many fab twists this am.)

  14. Well, That Baby will have her hair in puffs. With lots of fancy colourful clippies to be oh so stylin’.

    We were going to wear her monkey-motif outfit, but I knew some politically correct police would think that was SO NOT COOL. So we probably won’t.

  15. Dude, she rocked the monkey. And can she cut a rug or what? lol That was frickin’ hilarious! And adorable. Hilarious and adorable.

  16. Ach! Okay, next time I will make sure I introduce Cinn and Kendra ‘cuz you two were basically standing back to back at one point. I thought you’d met. Crikey!

  17. OMG we were talking about that all the way home. “Okay, so, we met Chris, and Janna… but where was Kendra? Did YOU meet Kendra? No?”

    So… whoops. Meetup FAIL.

    Anyway I am going to post some video from said event shortly (as soon as it finishes uploading) so we can relive the dancing in all its glory.

  18. Okay, but Kendra, you met Janna, right?

    Kevin Bacon, Kevin Bacon! All in the same room.

  19. Sitting out west and feeling like I missed a fun party…sigh. I could have been another shy ficus hugger with an outgoing 2 year old dancing queen. Sounds like it was fun 🙂

  20. Karen — How far out west are you? We fiscus-huggers were disappointed by the lack of ficusi (ficusi?) but there was a map.

    Cinn, I have now tried seven times to enter the password. Gandalf himself is standing there telling me “You shall not pass!” I have followed all instructions to no avail.

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