Random Tuesday: Away Edition

Although we are not in our regularly scheduled environs for a Tuesday, it is no less random. In fact, given the continuous holiday-food-induced stupor I’ve been in for the past week, this Tuesday may quite possibly be reaching new heights, or possibly depths (depending on perspective) of randomness. Coaxing a coherent string of thoughts has been dicey — and it can’t ALL be the fault of Bailey’s. Can it?

Now THERE’s something to ponder. Let me have a drink and get back to you. In the meantime…

  • It has been a nice holiday, almost perfect. Except OMG WTF WEATHER. We have had some weather, I have to say. But not as you may think, if you have seen the news at all. On the news, and on the Weather Network, all week long, it has been ALL WINTER STORM ALL EAST COAST ALL THE TIME. So we check the weather and we think, okay, let’s prepare for the weather. Food? Check. Water in the tub in case the power goes out? Check. Staying in and not going anywhere? Check. And then…. NOTHING. A little bit of snow, or rain, or whatever. Feh. So the next weather report says OMG MORE STORM. So we prepare, and then? Pfffft. Nothing. So, okay. BDH, Stinkerbelle and I CLEARLY are the anti-Bermuda Triangle of weather. Weather happens everywhere EXCEPT where we are. So last night, there was more OMG WTF MORE BIG STORM. We were not fooled. We went to bed. After which point, the power went out. And we had no water with which to flush the toilets. And, with no power, there is no white noise, so it was as quiet as could be at 2 am, except for the strong wind outside, which caused Stinkerbelle to be a little scared and therefore awake half the night. So that means, not a lot of sleep for us. Stupid weather.
  • Although travelling had led us to bring only a limited number of gifts with us for opening on Christmas morning, it nonetheless looked like Santa’s sleigh had a rollover and a several-reindeer pileup on his route when we walked into the living room on Christmas morning. Stinkerbelle made out like a bandit, with toys and books and thoughtful gifts galore from her generous relatives. Our — I mean, SANTA’S — favourite gift to her was probably her smallest: a pint-sized Abby Cadabby doll. Stinkerbelle LOVESLOVESLOVES Abby, and because she is one of the newer Muppets on Sesame Street, it took a lot of searching to find her an Abby doll. Well, we found Abbys that were cheap-looking knockoffs, and Abbys that were joined to Elmos, but not an Abby all on her own. But then we went to the Sesame Street website and there was a tiny little plush Abby, just the right size for tiny hands. We ordered that gift in JULY, and have been waiting all this time, fighting the anticipation and the urge to give it to her sooner. But we waited, and on Christmas morning, Santa had left her by the tree for That Baby. And That Baby has carried her with her everywhere since, a new little Best Friend. In bed at night, if you peek in, you can see Abby making little flights around above the bed, to Stinkerbelle’s continual chatter.
  • Did I mention I have eaten a ridiculous amount of food? I have. I am currently sitting three feet back from the keyboard, because that is all my bloated full stomach will allow.
  • Fangirl SQUEE alert!!!11!1!eleventyone!!11!!!11! I got a real treat this holiday season. My in-laws have cable, which means… television. Which I have to say, is mostly horrifically bad, so I don’t miss it…except at the holidays, when specials and whatnot are on. And this year, the special to warm my geek heart was on. I GOT TO WATCH THE DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL IN REAL TIME. When EVERYBODY ELSE in the country watched it. (Okay, still behind the UK, who got it on Christmas Day, but beggars can’t be choosers. So.) Normally, I have to troll the interwebs to find it (less than legally) or wait until FOREVER until it comes out on iTunes or DVD (legally, but the thrill is gone). But this time? There was an all day Who Specials marathon on, and I stayed up and watched it. It was most excellent. Best one yet, I think, and the Christmas Carol story was a nice, and family friendly, departure from alien invasions of years past. But still OMG DOCTOR AND OTHER PLANETS AND FUNNY AND EXCITING. So, that was good.
  • We started the holiday travelling with a sick Stinkerbelle and a sick BDH. That Baby still has her cold, and BDH seems to be getting over it. He has passed his along to me, whereas Stinkerbelle has shared her cold with her Grammy and Grandad. In the fine tradition of Christmases past, everyone is sick over the holidays. I get that Christmas is a time for traditions and family and whatnot, but I think that this is ONE family tradition that everyone would be perfectly happy to ditch, thankyouverymuch. Somehow, I doubt that. Maybe if we put it in a letter to Santa or summat.
  • OHMYDOG SO TIRED. I think I need a holiday to recover from my holiday. Definitely more sleep. Possibly if I slept more, I would eat less, and would be less tired AND less bloated. OH I SEE SO THERE’S THE FLAW IN MY PLAN.

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  1. I’ve been trolling the red tag vacation site so that I can fantasize all the better about my tropical vacation. Want to join me on a hypothetical holiday? It’s better than trolling for tights.

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