Random Tuesday: Christmas is Coming Edition


It’s coming, isn’t it. CHRISTMAS. Is COMING. Gaaaaaaah.

I’m not ready.

My random thoughts for today are therefore coated in breathless rushing about and lightly frosted with panic.

  • We’re travelling to NS for the holiday, which means doing baking and gifting earlier than usual, and packing suitcases containing clothing suitable for changeable weather, and packing presents, all while keeping a sick toddler amused. Oh, who am I kidding. All it means is LESS TIME TO PROCRASTINATE.
  • I baked about 24 dozen cookies this year, making gingerbread, icebox cookies, eggnog cookies and chocolate crinkles. It was a down year for baking. Normally we give baking to lots of people — friends, colleagues, our cat clinic, servers at our favourite restaurants — but the combination of less money than in years past and more toddler time has meant we cut back on our baking. Still, I managed to put together a few packages for a friend who yearns for my gingerbread, a couple of coworkers, and our friends at the Cat Clinic. The rest we’ll take home to NS or keep here for ourselves.
  • Also on the subject of cookies: OMG CHOCOLATE CRINKLE COOKIES SO DELICIOUS I COULD JUST PLOTZ. That is all.
  • I am trying to pack well this year. Meaning, for someone like me who always feels the need to PACK ALL THE THINGS, I am trying to really pare it down. That means I am trying to pack all my clothes, plus my CPAP machine, plus my gifts for others, in one suitcase. Honestly, this would not be such a problem if my CPAP didn’t take up HALF THE DAMN SUITCASE. It’s times like this that I really hate that machine.
  • Where am I going to pack my knitting? OMG A HOLIDAY WITHOUT KNITTING OH THE HUMANITY. That is crazy talk and I won’t hear it. Next thing you know you’ll be telling me to leave my laptop at home.
  • We’re having two Christmases this year, one with Grammy and Grandad in NS, and one here at home on New Year’s Day. Okay, three Christmases, counting Ethiopian Christmas. But the second Christmas on New Year’s Day is because we have presents that are too big to transport… I mean, BECAUSE SANTA HAD BIG PRESENTS TO DELIVER AND BROUGHT THEM HERE SO WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO CARRY THEM HOME. Ahem. That’s right. Well, we have to figure something out logistics-wise for the next few years for our travelling Christmas holidays.
  • Both Stinkerbelle and BDH have been sick with a cold/cough these last few days. Having a two year old up coughing all night is hard. You can’t give them anything. But, having rediscovered the wonder of Vick’s rub this week, and also figuring out that a spoon of honey and a spoon of lemon in warm water will soothe a little throat and keep coughs at bay for a little while at least, I think we’re going to be recovered well enough that travelling won’t be too daunting.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Christmas is Coming Edition

  1. Have some very merry celebrations! And good luck with the suitcase magic. Having recently had a little girl coughing up a lung every night, I was desperate to try just about anything to make it stop. So, I tried the whole rubbing the bottom of her feet with vicks and then putting her socks on for the night (here is the irony- she WILL wear socks to bed) and I have no idea why, but it really helped. I was so tired I didn’t really question the science and plausability of the whole thing…

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