Confession Friday

It’s snowy, it’s Friday, it’s a snowy Friday… That’s all I got. I got nuthin’, man. I am as boring as a boring thing that is really, really boring today.

But I do have confessions! So, I confess…

  • …that I am the last one of my Confession Posse to post her confessions today! What a slack bastard.
  • …that I am sad that my interweb friends live so frigging far away. There are times when it’s great to offer virtual support, but there are equally as many times when you wish you could just be there. Or have them here. Plus they’d be great to hang out with from time to time.
  • …that I know that if the above were possible, I probably would not have them here, because my house is not fit for entertaining. It’s small and poky and isn’t well decorated and needs to be cleaned. And I’m embarrassed.
  • …that I wish my house would just magically clean itself, and that I could just sit and knit and watch Christmas movies in a comfortable, clean house. Where the hell are those magical cleaning pixies, dammit?
  • …that I want to brag that I am married to a genuinely good person, who stayed up all night the other night at the hospital with a teammate who had dislocated his elbow in their game earlier in the evening, and could not get in touch with his wife. And then he drove him home from the hospital at 6:30 am. And then, after about 3 hours of sleep? BDH went to work. AND emceed his company Christmas party that night after work. But mostly it’s the first part that makes me proudest.
  • …that it annoys the everloving fuck out of me that my Thursday sitter has had Stinkerbelle with her for two months now, and STILL pronounces her name incorrectly. It makes me MENTAL. It’s not a difficult name, for the love of crap.
  • …that I’m really pleased with my recent birthday gifts from BDH and That Baby — a quilt that I have been looking longingly at for MONTHS, and a new purse.
  • …that few things give me greater joy than the fact that Stinkerbelle has started really talking a lot. I lovelovelove hearing her talk. But more than that? Her singing little songs is beyond adorable. THIS is what I love about parenthood.
  • …that my daughter has also started doing some fairly annoying things recently, like cracking her jaw and chewing her tongue and, worst of all, grinding her teeth. I know these sorts of things are al developmental, they come and go in phases, blah de blah blah, and I can put up with many of them, but the teeth grinding is like nails on a blackboard to me. It’s a sound that evokes a very visceral reaction, like I want to throw up. So here’s hoping this phase passes FAST.
  • …that I’d love to start a knit night with some friends, and get together for a couple of hours of stitch and bitch regularly. Except I have few friends, or friends who knit/crochet, and I am not confident nor organized enough to organize something like this with strangers.
  • …that when I took Stinkerbelle in to the OT at KidsAbility today, and I saw the other parents with kids who are dealing with so much more than I am — the little boy who screams whenever someone new gets inside his comfort zone of a few feet; the little fellow who had the staff whispering in sympathy about his father “Oh I feel SO sorry for him… it was NINE hours… I can’t imagine”; the mom with the CP toddler needing physical therapy while also tending to her newborn — that it puts simple speech and eating delays into stark perspective. And I am grateful.

9 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. I am sad we all live so far away from each other too…that is of course if I am one of the ones you are referring to and I hope I am because I like you!

    And it wouldn’t matter to me if you lived in a box because it would be lovely just being in the company of you three – you, Stinkerbelle and BDH!

    If we live closer you could teach me to knit because I would really love to learn and who better to learn from then you 🙂

    Yes, to magical cleaning pixies…YES!!! We need those!

    BDH. You = best guy ever!

  2. When the magical cleaning pixies show up, please tell them to come to my house next. Having a clean house- now THAT really would make me feel festive.

    My daughter isn’t doing the teeth grinding stuff, but I have diagnosed her with OTD (obsessive toddler disorder). She can’t go to bed unless all her animals are just so and her blankets are “just like this”…and heaven help you if her thumb should disappear in her mitt, or a sock get nearly pulled off when removing her boots.

    Toddlers seem to be extremely complicated short people.

  3. Karen OMG YES.

    With That Baby, you CANNOT take ANY of her clothes off if it is not a SPECIFIED TIME. Which means ONLY bedtime, bathtime, and when we come in from outside. Otherwise, the wailing will ensue.

    And also? If ANYONE is getting dressed in her presence to go ANYWHERE then she must GET DRESSED AND LEAVE RIGHT NOW OMG OMG OR I WILL DIEEEEEEE. So, no kids can leave her class early, or Daddy can’t go take the garbage out, or whatever.

    And NO SOCKS ON AT THE TABLE. I do not know why. But meals apparently MUST be barefoot.

    Is there a rulebook? Or a program? I sure could use one.

  4. When all of you finish with that magical cleaning pixies send it to me PLEASE!!!!!, my family is comming for Xmas and I have not time to clean my house…..
    About the babys, I´m getting nervous but I´m looking forward to having MINE.
    Any way, if you find a rulebook send it to me too.
    Best wishes!

  5. Yes Carmen, you need to get that BABY!

    Oh darn, I am not close enough to come by and celebrate with you when it happens. AGAIN.

    (If you don’t tell me as soon as you can after you get your referral, I’m going to… well, mostly make idle threats and be peevish, cause what am I going to do? Get on a plane to Spain and stomp around and stuff? No. But just tell me, ‘kay? I have PREZZIES.)

  6. I can pretty much guarantee you that my house is smaller, pokier, messier, and features much worse decorating sins. Seriously. We brought the Christmas tree in and Sport asked where we were going to put it. I looked around and realized…um… right here in the middle of the living room, I guess. Who needs to see the TV, or, well, move?

    I want elves instead of pixies. My theory is that elves are harder workers.

    And OMG WTF YES on the name pronunciation. I once snapped back at someone who said “Oh, I’ll never be able to pronounce that.” with “IT’S TWO SYLLABLES, TRY HARDER.”

    Ok I’m done ranting in your comments section now.

  7. Tafel…you crack me up with your snap re. name.

    Cinn, if you and Tafel were in the same room would a black hole appear? You both make me laugh the hardest. Or would it just be the best party I’ve ever been too?

    I would come over and watch movies and knit. Or something crafty. I can’t knit but I can cross stitch and quilt. I would love to learn how to knit hats, mitts, and socks. Yes. That is my new goal for when I grow up.

    Oh. And my house. Positive it’s worse. Don’t let your house stop you from visiting people. If I did, I would never have people over. It’s not easy, I have friends who have gorgeous houses, but I just ignore the difference and get busy making the tea. and if that doesn’t work, try wine instead.

  8. My son’s name is Abenezer and people still mispronounce it, when I see they are in real difficulty we say, his name is Abenezer, but you can call him Abe (ignoramus…oh no! that’s in my head).

    If it’s any consolation, after 2 years of speech pathology to correct some mispronunciations and disorthography and 1st & 2nd grade with 5/10 & 6/10 in dictations, my little guy is now bringing home 9/10 and 10/10. And yes in f++++in uncivilized Italy they *still* use bright red pens to mark and teacher writes stuff like, good enough..arrrgghhh..great for self-esteem

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