Confession Friday

It’s Friday. Or as BDH would say, “Thank god it’s Friday.” (Well, OBVIOUSLY he didn’t COIN the phrase or anything. But he DOES say it. Sheesh. Nitpicky.)

And that means it is once again confession time. So, I confess:

  • …that it has been a hard week for me. I have been sick. I have been tired. I have been a sucktastic mom by anyone’s standards. I have eaten poorly and exercised little. I have been feeling isolated now that the cold weather has come. I have been depressed — not in the clinical sense, but in the “boy I feel really down about things” sense. And I have been letting things slide around the house and in day-to-day life.
  • …that I really need to get my shit together. See previous point.
  • …that I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit. Our tree is sitting, half-put up and undecorated, in the corner. Our lights are not plugged in outside. Our decorations are still in boxes. I know I have a bunch of baking to do and yet, have not even started planning for. And I’m pretty “meh” about the whole thing.
  • …that I’ve developed an addiction to British quiz (comedy) shows, and I don’t care who knows it. So there. I’m already downloading the News Quiz weekly, and have been for years. We’re currently going through any and all old episodes of Buzzcocks. I tell you solemnly, if I find QI online I may never leave the sofa.
  • …that I have a happy because I bought some good tea when I was grocery shopping this morning, and am having a pot of it right now.
  • …that the high point of my week was my husband making a huge effort to ensure I had a nice birthday. This involved him going out in the middle of the night to buy flowers and then before I got up in the morning to get me coffee and breakfast. And then in the evening we sat and watched a movie (with buttered popcorn!) and relaxed. It was really lovely. He’s a keeper.
  • …that I ate an entire big-sized chocolate bar yesterday in a fit of self-pity.
  • …that I love costume dramas/period dramas. But when my husband asked, hopefully, “Oh, would you like (insert name of book that period drama was made from) for Christmas?” I had to say no. I love the period dramas, but I hate the books. Let someone else read the Austen and the Gaskell and Thackeray and whatever else and do all the hard work. Then let me watch the men in morning coats striding purposefully about and wearing top hats and riding and whatnot and the strong heroines in the empire waist dresses discussing their misfortunes or whathaveyou from the comfort of my sofa with my tea and my knitting.
  • …that every time one of our former players gets in touch with us, it makes me feel like all that time and effort wasn’t completely wasted. I am secretly chuffed when they say they have missed us. And I am proud to see what good women some of them are becoming.
  • …that it’s taken me an inordinately long time to come up with my list today.

4 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Apparently my Christmas spirit ran away with yours. Damn them.

    Could you teach me to knit? Sitting and watching costume dramas and knitting sounds really nice right now.

    How’s this for a confession. I confess my mom made me read most of those books before she would let me watch the movie, and now that she’s dead, I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I watch one of those types of shows without having read the book first.

    I know, lame.

  2. Oh! Can you send me a list of your fave costume dramas so I can try and find them at the library. And then I can dust of my cross stitch project and maybe learn some crochet. I’d love a couch blankie. aka Afgan.

  3. I think it’s onset-of-winter shitty feelings all around. I have stopped screaming at the snow though, so at least there’s that.

    And I will see your full size chocolate bar, and raise you half a bag of chocolate chips as well.

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