Random Tuesday: Captain Crankypants Edition

Dudes. DUUUUUUUUUUDES. I am SO tired. It’s like someone stuffed my head with cotton and it’s leaking out my eyeballs and making them all linty and squinty and stuff. And cranky? HOOO BOY, I am SO cranky, there is not even a WORD to describe the volume of crank we are currently experiencing.

I tell you solemnly, if this is the precursor to me getting sick AGAIN, I am gonna cut a bitch. FER REALZ.

Anyway. This is one of the many reasons why randomness has been achieved today.

  • My daughter’s fear of the dark is progressing nicely. She LOVES Mr. Twilight Turtle, and he seems to make things okay. EXCEPT. Except we’re beginning to think that we’re moving beyond fear of the dark and into a full-on THING. An “ooh, if I whine and moan I can get someone to come into my room” thing. An “every hour as soon as Mr. Turtle shuts off” thing. An “it’s not even dark enough in my room to be called fear of the dark” thing. So, we’re not sure what’s going on. It’s not so much a fear thing anymore, so much as a need for attention. We’d be all “LIE DOWN AND GO TO SLEEP” and let her work it out, except for the fact that SOMETHING is bugging her enough that she is actually waking up, fairly frequently, enough to be standing up and fussing when we get into her room. And, consequently, we’re waking up as well, so we’re both tired as a bastard and no fun to be around. (She, on the other hand, still wakes in the morning as fresh as a daisy. Go figure.) So, we ordered some more night light things this week, and we’ll just have to keep on trying things until she either settles or forgets she’s afraid of whatever she is afraid of.
  • Today was Little Gym day, and I am still debating as to whether or not we’re going to enroll Stinkerbelle again next semester. She enjoys it, there’s no doubt. But the only way I will enroll her again is if we can choose to NOT be in her current teacher’s class again. A few week’s back, there was a change of teachers in the class, and Sara was replaced by Colleen. Sara was engaged and fun and genuinely liked the kids. Colleen, while being the assistant manager, is not great with engaging the kids, and as for liking them, she says all the things and does all the things, but the smile she has plastered on her face doesn’t go all the way up to her eyes, if you know what I mean. But the thing that makes me want to change is that she doesn’t seem to like Stinkerbelle. In a class full of boys running wild, and barging into lines, and pushing and piling on, Stinkerbelle is the only one she ever reprimands. Now, my kid is laid back. She gets butted in front of, and pushed over, and all that, and she doesn’t really care. She laughs. She thinks it’s all part of the game. But the one activity she DOES assert herself in is at the end of class, when the kids get ink stamps on their hands and feet and whatever as they are filing out. Stinkerbelle LOVES ink stamps. And so she RUNS to the group and pushes her way forward and sticks her hand out, only to have Colleen ALWAYS tell ONLY her to wait her turn. And, being the dutiful little soul she is, Stinkerbelle will sit down, and wait patiently. And then Colleen will go through EVERY KID IN THE CLASS and leave Stinkerbelle sitting there, waiting, until last. Stinkerbelle will put her (white) palm forward, where she knows she can see the stamps regardless of colour, and Colleen will make a comment and flip Stinkerbelle’s hand over and do it on the back. So, if we decide to sign her up for another semester, it will NOT be in Colleen’s class, and I will be sure to let her manager know why. I know not everybody is going to like my kid, but when I am paying that much for classes, they’d better pretend a whole hell of a lot better than they are.
  • I had to stop in at the grocery store today because, well, we’re running low on some food things. OBVIOUSLY. Anyway, I had to stop in after the gym, and getting my driver’s license renewed. Stinkerbelle was tired and hungry and I was hot and cranky, so it was going to be a quick in/out thing. This was not to That Baby’s liking, as she howled like a banshee at the prospect of sitting in the cart but hey, life’s rough. So off I whizzed through the store, grabbing what I needed and thought I’d stop at the produce counter and get one of their prepared salads for lunch. Nothing appealed, so I went to the fruit. Fruit is expensive now that summer is over, so I grabbed the cheapest thing, which was a combination of strawberries and kiwi fruit. And we finished our shopping and went home. I was looking forward to fruit at lunchtime, so I dove in. And I am here to tell you that, apparently, the girls behind the produce counter have never eaten a kiwi fruit before in their LIVES. They were nowhere even IN THE VICINITY of ripe. These things were so hard they were CRUNCHY. It was horrid. So, not only did I spend money I should not have done on a treat, just for me, but then I had to throw half of it out uneaten.

But on the upside, I made my 1000th post on the weekend. So, it’s not all bad.

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Captain Crankypants Edition

  1. Tired too. Must be the winter hibernation setting in.

    I just had the shittiest experience with a Service Center Canada place (i know, shocking) and I am so full of rage and venom and foul language I want to shove my head in a bucket of ice water.

    Well done on 1000 posts. That, is an an achievement. And I say you don’t send Stinkerbelle back to gym, unless the grown ups will play nice.

  2. Ack! You can’t be sick again! Cold FX and zinc lozenges STAT!

    And I agree – bail on Little Gym, unless it’s a different leader next term. Life’s too short to deal with snotty people. Also find out what their refund policy is in case there is another mid-stream switch.

  3. Congrats on the 1000th post! And I agree, unripe fruit is the worst – except bananas. Ripe or over-ripe bananas make me wheeze, so under ripe bananas are my friend.

  4. Is it wrong that I’ve never met this Colleen person but I still want to drop-kick her?

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