Confession Friday

Welcome to Friday, fellow babies. I am tired and shagged out after a long squawk. ready for the weekend. And from what I have been reading around Teh Intartubes this week, you all have pretty much had it with this week, too.

So. Here we go. I confess:

  • …that I have been falling asleep in my chair before dinnertime most days this week. It has been a tiring week.
  • …that I went to my Book Club this week, and it was fun. AND everybody else hated the book TOO, so I didn’t feel too big of a bastard. But it was kind of depressing, because we’ve been at two houses so far, and they’re big and lovely and well-decorated. And clean, let’s not forget clean. And my house? Is so incredibly NOT ALL THOSE THINGS. So we won’t be having book club HERE any time soon.
  • …that we have had our first morning of flurry-type snow action this morning, and already I am fed up. And not with the snow. Rather, I am fed up with the drivers who go OMG SNOW OMG PANIC PANIC WATCH ME WIG THE FUCK OUT and drive like idiots. Our drive to the Occupational Therapist this morning was fraught with these people, who also cannot seem to comprehend that “winter” often means “get up and out a few minutes early to accomodate driving conditions” and are then driving like frigging idiots racing to not be late for work.
  • …that we did our tour of a preschool this morning, and I really, REALLY want to enroll Stinkerbelle there. It is, however, the Salvation Army Preschool, and so I fear if someone as lazy, stupid and godless as myself tries to enroll my child, I may get struck by lightning. Fist of an angry god, meet LSG heathen — WHAP!!
  • …that I heard ads for Trans-Siberian Orchestra (who are coming to Toronto for a concert) on the radio, and suddenly I am all feeling the Christmas love. No I don’t want to see them in concert, but the music sure puts me in the mood for MOAR CHRISTMAS KTHXBAI.
  • …that, after the Blacks debacle of last week, I heretofore declare my undying love for Staples/Office Depot and their copy and print centre. Fast, efficient, inexpensive, quality work. YAY! We are now in possession of a lovely little momento to take to our agency next week, and if their work for us in the coming months comes to nought, we’ll have it returned to us and it will be a nice little keepsake.
  • …that I have been dressing in actual pants and shirts the past two weeks (as opposed to my usual mom-of-toddler uniform of sweats and t-shirt), and although I ordered them online without trying them on so they are kind of ill-fitting (but CHEAP! Yay for online clearance sections!), it’s still been a treat having proper clothes again.
  • …that I am excited because BDH is buying me a quilt for my birthday. I have been looking at a quilt set online for a few months now, and I am jazzed that he wants to buy it for me.
  • …that, given the two points above, I have to admit I have a bit of a love for the online shopping. I do the majority of my shopping online. Especially sales/clearance sections, since I hate paying full price for anything. Like the clothes I bought? 2 sweaters, 2 fleeces, a pair of sweatpants, a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, and a wool pea coat, ALL for under $150, delivery included. I. AM. A. MACHINE. It’s true. PLUS? I get airmiles AND points on the credit card for online shopping, which then results in FREE STUFF for us. I am ALL ABOUT THE FREE STUFF, baby.
  • …that I have ended my love affair with fabric softener. It is SO OVER. Remember way back when when I got my clothesline and my clothes all smelled of rubbery farts? Well, I put it down to the new clothesline, in the end, and since then have just carried on using the same old detergent and fabric softener, albeit nowadays the weather has forced us to use the dryer again. So here I am, sitting in my (clean) sweatshirt, and I am allofasudden all overcome with DEAR DOG WHAT IS THAT SMELL?? And I take a whiff of the shirt, and what does it smell like? Well, you will probably not be surprised when I tell you that I am DEFINITELY getting a whiff of RUBBERY FARTS. It ISN’T just stinky old me, here. RUBBERY. FARTS. RUBBERY FARTS, people!
  • As an added bonus, I have to tell you that the most spammed post I have made this year? Is the rubbery farts post back in May. I am STILL getting spam comments on it. So I must confess that I am a little gleeful at the prospect of seeing whether the worldwide spam-love of rubbery farts was just an abberation, or if spammers everywhere will FLOCK  to this post too.

6 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Well you are right about this week. Some weeks should just give up and die graciously and get it over with.

    Thanks for your very supportive comment by the way.

    also, rubbery farts?? OMG! Love it. Move on to new products I say.

    MUST. KNOW. where you shop for all this clearance stuff and get airmiles????

  2. Clearly you need to change your fabric softener…you don’t have to end your love affair though…try one like this –

    It costs a little more because is “good for the environment” but look they have a coupon button! Coupons = happy Cinn!

    Friggin’ right it is a good thing this week is done…and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    Oh and since I started working from home….all I wear are sweat pants and t-shirts.

    And what Tova said…where do you shop????

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  3. A lot of online clothing shops have a “clearance” or a “sale” section. I usually hit the Victoria’s Secret and Eddie Bauer clearance sections for underwear, shirts/sweaters, yoga pants and pants — and if you go through first and follow their link, you get air miles for shopping there. Same goes for Chapters, and Toys R Us, and a bunch of other shops.

    Without air miles, you have to hunt around, but you can score good deals. Please Mum and Gymboree have clearance sections but pickings can sometimes be slim. Old Navy is now selling in Canada and having big sales to promote it. For household stuff, Overstock has cool stuff too — they have a clearance section, but they also have good prices if you are willing to wait on stuff and watch for deals.

    The thing about clearance sections is, sometimes you can’t be choosy. So, maybe if you can get a sweatshirt from VS for 5 bucks but it’s only available in purple, then you buy it in purple. But I can often live with that kind of thing if I am getting jeans for 10 bucks or shirts for 5 bucks or whatever. Or you buy some yoga pants that might be a longer inseam but they’re 2 pairs for 20 bucks, and you hem them up. You have to decide if the deal is good enough. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    Another trick is to find your fave stores and then sign up for their email newsletter — you get news when there’s a sale on, and can take advantage of that. Like I would have done with Blacks if their website were not ass, and did do with Staples.

    Happy online shopping!

  4. I have people over in the summer. That way I can put everyone outside. My house is small and I don’t have a cleaning lady. So, entertaining outside in the summer is awesome and people don’t think I am a jerk for never having people over.. that’s my confession!

  5. Heh – rubbery farts. That makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have a thought, though. Maybe it’s not your fabric softener. Could it be your washing machine?

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