Random Tuesday: Everyday Stuff Edition

It’s still only Tuesday, but already my week feels longer than it should be, and I am wishing for the weekend. This does not bode well for the Wednesday and the Thursday I have yet to get through.

I need more sleep.

So my randomness is somewhat tired-induced. But mostly it’s just random because that is what I am.

  • We seem to have a handle on Stinkerbelle’s fear of the dark issues. One part of the solution involves leaving her bedroom door open and the bathroom light on. Another huge part of the solution involves Twilight Turtle, the most awesome toy in existence, shining constellations of stars and a moon on her bedroom ceiling and walls. I say this toy is awesome because it says it will help with fear of the dark, and it really works. Truth in advertising. And the third part of the solution involves standing in whatever part of the house we are in at that time and, intermittently for an hour and a half after putting That Baby to bed, hollering “STINKERBELLE! LIE DOWN, STOP TALKING, AND GO TO SLEEP!” at That Baby as she faffs and talks and farts around in her bed for what seems like an eternity. Some parenting tactics never go out of style.
  • I am debating signing That Baby up for another session at the Little Gym come February, when the second session of the year starts. Mostly because it costs so much. But another thing is that I would have to try to find another class for her, since I am less enchanted than I was at the beginning with the class she is currently in. The teacher has left and been replaced by one who is just not as good or engaging as the original teacher. But also, Stinkerbelle’s class consists predominantly of boys. And so I find it’s more rambunctious, and involves more pushing and kicking and whatnot than a group that had more girls in it would. So that is kind of a drag. Plus, there’s a boy — a neighbour kid, actually — who is one of those “ME FIRST! ME FIRST!”, push-other-kids-out-of-the-way, barging-full-bore-into-every-situation, obnoxious kids whose mom is not the best at reining him in. So he kind of annoys me and has coloured my opinion of the class.
  • It was 13 degrees this morning when we got up. Over the course of the day, the temperature is going to plummet to 1 degree, with a chance of flurries. November weather in southern Ontario is a bit schizophrenic in this regard. One moment hot, then suddenly snowing. But it’s damp, ALWAYS damp, which means the heat is on and one can never stay warm regardless of what is happening outside.
  • WE FOUND A BABYSITTER. Well, a POTENTIAL babysitter, which is almost as good. One of BDH’s coworkers is a minor sports coach here in town and her teenaged athletes said they’d babysit. So we gave them our contact information, and one ACTUALLY CALLED US. I was THRILLED. She’s busy, as teenaged athletes tend to be, but she does have Saturdays free which means OMG MAYBE FREEDOM for BDH and I. This is HUGE. Two and an half years without a night out together. We’re DUE, man. We could see a MOVIE. It boggles the mind. Now, if only I could find someone who does occasional babysitting during the workday so I could go to a doctor or a dentist or maybe get some new glasses. DARE TO DREAM, LADY.

One thought on “Random Tuesday: Everyday Stuff Edition

  1. Thank you for once again making me laugh in the i-so-get-it way again.

    Bah! I believe in lots of parenting tactics not going out of style. πŸ™‚ I like the ‘because I said so’ tactic, and the ‘because I legally have to house, clothe, feed and educate you, everything else is a luxury’ tactic.

    See comment to Tafel re. weather.

    And who needs new glasses? I’ve had mine for over 8 years now and they are just fine. (picture in your mind a sign outside of saloon in ghost town creaking in the wind by one hinge)


    I’m going to get glasses online. I know, weird. It’s only taken a year for me to get used to the idea. But I’m coming around. Cause I’m just that cheap.

    Plus I can get about 4 pairs for a mere piddly fraction of the price here and pitch the ones I don’t like.

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