Confession Friday

Another week come and gone. I am kind of glad it’s Friday. But it has been an ass Friday so far, so part of me says OMG BRING ON SATURDAY ALREADY.

I confess:

  • …that I was really well prepared to spend an hour or two with my daughter at the car dealership while my car got maintenance and repairs and got an emissions test.
  • …that I was NOT well prepared to have the repair guy come out after 45 minutes and give me a laundry list of all the things that MUST be repaired, to the tune of $1200, before the emissions test can be done. And I need to have the emissions test to get my plates renewed at the end of the month. All this, after spending $1500 at this time last year to get repairs done.
  • …that I was even less well prepared to find that it might be better, given the continuing deterioration of my car, to buy a new one. Or how much it would cost to do so.
  • …that after two hours of surprising news, trying to juggle car part names and values and quote numbers in my head WHILE keeping my two year old happy and quiet and busy AND thinking about incurring big debt, when I finally got back out to my car to drive it back home I broke down and cried from the stress.
  • …that I am ashamed to admit that I am a stereotypical female in that I can’t seem to deal productively with car repairs or salespeople at dealerships. And this really annoys me.
  • …that I feel doubly bad because I just told my husband last night that I don’t think we could afford to get him a new computer this close to Christmas, and that we are only just getting out of the hole debt-wise, and then I had to break this news to him.
  • …that it was very good news, once we got home from the dealership, to get a call from a well-recommended preschool here in town that I would like to get Stinkerbelle into next spring or summer, just because it seemed like something that was going right today. Even though there is a waiting list.
  • …that my kid ate almost a half a peanut butter sandwich and a third of a banana at lunchtime, and it was a small victory worthy of much rejoicing.
  • …that I want to eat a whole lot of baked goods right now. I know it would be bad for me, but I don’t care.

3 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. Yucky, yucky, car repairs. Our car has been a damn nuisance in the repair area. We are at the point where it won’t be worth keeping if there is one more repair in the next 12 months. Yes. I do the math.

    Yay! for the kid eating victory!

  2. I hear you on the car repairs. Just to get our car serviced (mind you, we’re up to the “big” service this time) will be over $400. Whoa…. Why are cars such a money pit?

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