Confession Friday

In the words of the immortal philosopher Aristotle… thank doG it’s Friday.

Okay, Aristotle didn’t say that. It might have been Emmanuel Kant. Or maybe even Nietsche. Anyway, the point stands: It’s been a tiring week, and I, for one, and glad to see the weekend.

And with Friday comes our weekly baring of the soul, our confession to the masses. So, without further ado, I confess…

  • …that I am not one of those moms who can decorate the hell out of her house for every frigging holiday that comes along. I used to feel bad about it, and lack of money and creativity really are not the only culprits. I’m just not That Mom. I mean, I have visions of myself making our house look festive and pretty, but realistically? Not gonna happen. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I could magically transform into someone who could do that. And safe to say, for Halloween, we’ll be lucky to get a jack-o-lantern out and lit.
  • …that I ate way, WAY too much pizza last night. Thursdays are work days, and because of all the rushing and the driving and the lack of Stinkerbelle’s nap and so forth, I often feel too lazy and tired to cook, so we do takeout. And last night? I craved pizza.
  • …that I am so very excited about getting my hair cut and coloured tomorrow, I can’t even tell you. New look! Pretty colour! And most of all… “Me” time!
  • …that I am suffering from some very low self esteem these days.
  • …that the cold weather we’re having right now makes me me want to curl up on the couch under a blanket and knit all the livelong day.
  • …that when I visit some people’s houses and see how they live, it makes me feel like maybe our house isn’t such a mess after all, and that we’re blessedly average and normal. And it’s the impeccably neat and clean houses that are not the norm.
  • …that I kind of want to buy a trampoline next summer. And although it would hilarious to see That Baby bouncing around on it, I really wish I could use it too. But I would be too embarrassed.
  • …that I am coming to one of those paradoxes of health: I need to lose weight, which means I need to exercise more. But I can’t exercise more because my joints are in bad shape, so in order to do make exercise possible I have to — wait for it — lose weight. ::head desk::
  • …that watching too many British TV shows and movies makes me dream about moving to the UK. Although I fear if we did that, our life would be less “Notting Hill” or “Love Actually” and more “Coronation Street” or “The Vicar of Dibley”.
  • …that, somewhere underneath the fog of tiredness, I am kind of excited about doing Christmas baking. I don’t bake for us anymore, because we have to watch what we eat, and I really, really miss it. So Christmas gives me the excuse to bake, because we give it all away.

6 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. I know – who are those women who decorate their houses to the nuts every holiday??? Where do they find the time, money and energy?

    Love actually – sigh!! I actually love that movie!!! Maybe we could move there together šŸ™‚

    As for your self esteem – know this – you are a fantastically, wonderful person who makes others laugh with your with and humour. You are kind and you send nice gifts to those you are thinking of….you are a beautiful momma who loves her husband and baby to bits!!!

  2. Rana, I second that motion! *Thunk*

    You made me almost snort my breakfast smoothie with this post. And I will have you know that would not be pleasant.

    A few comments. I too, do not get the Over Decorators. And I secretly wish I could tap into it a bit more.

    You should (MUST) get a trampoline for next summer. It’s hysterical to watch toddlers on it. I may even try and send you a video of mine, and…it is amazing exercise! I last like 2 minutes and want off. That could be because I’m laughing so hard though….

  3. See, you went and named some philosophers, and now I have the Philosopher’s Song running through my head. (c’mon, sing it with me…Oh, Immanuel Kant was a real piss-ant, who was very rarely stable…)

    Ahem. Back on topic. Yes to the trampoline, boo to the self-esteem, and all I could do when I had patellofemoral thingy and a whacked ankle tendon on the same leg was swimming. So, maybe swimming?

  4. Madam, I raise a glass to you. But not as much as Heidegger, who as we all know, was a barmy beggar who could drink you under the table.

    I think I may have to swim. Which sucks. But I hear our local Y is great, so perhaps it’s time to find out firsthand.

  5. Oh I love the Y… ours even has drop in childcare for $1.25 per half hour.

    The downside to swimming, as I’m sure you are aware, is the swimsuit factor. But I find that when you go lap swimming it’s not the same crowd as the mom & toddler let’s-splash-in-the-pool-in-our-teeny-bikini crowd. So there’s that at least.

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