Today’s drama is brought to you by Meryl Streep, a purple Dora chair, and Rougemont Apple Juice.

(Scene: A playroom somewhere in Suburbiaville)

Me: What do you want to watch?
That Baby: (surveys DVD collection thoughtfully) Mommy Me Me.
Me: Mamma Mia?
That Baby: Awight!! (she settles into her comfy purple chair)
Me: Okay. Mamma Mia it is. (puts DVD in) Here’s your juice. (hands her a sippy cup containing two ice cubes and some apple juice)

That Baby takes a long swig of apple juice, then sets the cup down on the floor beside her chair. She looks at me, fixes me in a VRY SRS BZNS look, and then points her finger up at my face.

That Baby: Buh bye.

~ FIN ~

6 thoughts on “Dismissed

  1. Oh, ha ha ha…giggle…hee hee.

    I have one with attitude like that as well. I CAN’T wait for the teen years. I bet if they were introduced that a black hole of attitude would appear.

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