Random Tuesday: House and Home Edition

Tuesdays are good for randomness. After the crazy-go-nuts-ness of Monday, Tuesday is just a matter of wrapping your head around the fact that you are still putting one foot in front of the other on the way to Friday.

  • My kid seems to have gotten over the speech delay hump. And by that I mean, she stood on top of the hump, jumped up and down on it a few times, and is using the downward slope on the other side of the hump as a slide. Somewhere between July (our speech pathologist assessment) and now, That Baby found her voice. And although the way she is talking now is what we expected to hear a LOOOOONG time ago, we are simply happy to know that she is ready and able to talk, no matter when it started. And the sheer joy that it brings me to hear my child repeat words she hears, or tell me what she wants, or “read” a story — well, there’s no describing it. These early words and sentences and conversations are one of the things I looked forward to most about being a parent.
  • BDH and I are opposites in many ways. It works for us. I hate to drive, and he likes it, so he does all the driving. When we order chicken wings, he likes the wing bit whereas I like the knobby bit. He hates spoilers, whereas I love to know what is to come and will look spoilers up on the internet or read the last few pages of a book before I get even halfway through. He’s a linear thinker, whereas I am a spatial thinker. I So when it comes to housecleaning, for example, and he loads the dishwasher, it looks like a car wreck, whereas I load everything in a particular way so that it all fits just so. On the other side of the coin, his linear nature means he can make a list and clean the house in a logical and efficient fashion, whereas I futz and faff around between 16 different tasks and never seem to get anything done. But the best part? He’s a technical guy who can fix computers and technology of all kinds. Whereas I? Break the Interwebs on a regular basis.
  • Speaking of which, I read on the Interwebs today that we’re supposed to be hit with a weather bomb today. Excuse me, what? A “weather bomb”? WTF? I mean, sure, it’s raining, but when I hear the phrase “weather bomb” I am expecting the likes of Hurricane Katrina blowing into an erupting Krakatoa in the middle of a blizzard. WITH marauding dinosaurs. Not, you know, LOTS OF RAIN. But hey, I’m game for some crappy weather tonight. I’ve got nowhere to be except in front of Netflix with a bunch of knitting. But BDH has a soccer game so… sucks to be him. Ah well, better now than, say, January or February.
  • My husband has an ongoing feud with the local furry yokels. He spent a bunch of time, and drove a drill into his finger, building privacy screens and stairs on our stone patio out back. And, because we feed the birds and squirrels, several of our fuzzy-tailed friends come and sit on the wall or steps to eat a peanut, or the blue jays will queue up on top of the wall to wait for their turn at the feeder, and will leave doots there. Once, a squirrel even came up on the wall, PEED, and then left. I told BDH he should TOTALLY take it personally, as they were CLEARLY doing it just to spite him. So this morning, I suggested that maybe we should not feed them anymore, to which he said, “Well, you KNOW THAT is not going to happen.” So, by “feud”, I suppose I more accurately mean, “he shakes his fist at them and cusses in impotent rage from behind the glass door while they continue to do exactly as they please.”
  • Stinkerbelle is getting rather bossy in the car of late. It all started with our walks in the woods a few months back. She and I would venture into the woods, and leave the main gravel trail to venture off into the deeper woods and explore one of the many trails we find there. And wherever there was a choice, I would ask, “Which way would you like to go, this way or that way?” To which she would stop, look this way and that, point very definitely and say “THAT way.” Well, we don’t venture into the woods much these days because of the weather and our busy schedule. We DO, however, go many places in the car. And, as I drive along, or we come to a stop light, I will hear “THAT way! THAT way!” from the back seat. I have my very own backseat driver.

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  1. ha… love the backseat driver. You need to get her one of those toys for in the car with a steering wheel. But maybe disable the horn.

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