Confession Friday

It’s Friday and thanks to Tova‘s meme, it is Confession Friday!

I confess…

  • …that it’s 20 degrees and sunny outside, and, rather than doing cleaning and cooking and what I SHOULD be doing during That Baby’s naptime, I am sitting outside with my laptop, enjoying the glorious fall weather. (Okay, I did hang some laundry on the line. But other than that… enjoyenjoyenjoy.)
  • …that I am looking forward to EATING ALL THE THINGS this weekend. Especially pie. LOTS AND LOTS OF PIE.
  • …that I had fun at my first Book Club meeting. The women in my group seem very nice. I was very intimidated by the prospect of going out socially, since it has been SO long, but I did it and I am glad.
  • …that our tree, on the boulevard of our street, has lost almost all its leaves already, when the rest of the neighbours’ trees on the boulevard all still have plenty of leaves and colour. I’m getting a bit of an inferiority complex about it, like all the neighbours (and their trees) are going to point and laugh at us. And I feel bad for our sickly little tree. He’s a good little tree. He tries hard.
  • …that, in light of the previous statement, it may be true that I anthropomorphize things a little too much.
  • …that I think I have left seeing the doctor about this nagging achilles tendon issue a little too long — like, 5 years too long — and it may be turning into something a little more serious than just tendonitis. Oops. (But to be fair, my doctor is a collosal tit, and so she’d probably hear my description of my foot injury and send me for a brain scan or prescribe Viagra. So.)
  • …that I am entirely too fascinated with the Parade Of Girlfriends that our young doctor neighbour brings home. It’s like a pageant, watching and analyzing and trying to guess who the winner will be, and eventually crowned Mrs. Young Doctor. (But I have to say, I was glad to learn Miss Walmart is out of the running. She was just unfriendly, and making herself entirely TOO at home.)
  • …that some people dream about flying, but I have always dreamed about jumping. Jumping so high, it takes forever to come down. Those were the best dreams in the world.
  • …that I am sad that my playing volleyball days are behind me. The other night I had a dream about jumping, the first one in a very long time. And it made me wish I were younger, and thinner, and less injured, so I could play again.
  • …that I will not be cleaning out my gardens before winter, even if the neighbourhood may look askance at my messy, dead foliage and ugly seed heads. Because I have seen the little yellow finches and the chickadees feeding here recently, and it gladdens my heart to provide some food for them over the winter. So PPPTTTHHHHBBBBBTTTTT.

11 thoughts on “Confession Friday

  1. I’ve been enjoying doing Confession Friday for a few weeks now too … thanks to Tova! It’s fun. I’m enjoying reading yours too. Yours is much more enjoyable to read than mine.

  2. I say fight the power! Leave those coneflowers standing… And if neighbours look at your garden in dismay, tell them that you have been deeply influenced by the work of Piet Oudolf. 😉

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