Random Tuesday: Out and About Edition

It’s Tuesday. It’s random. It happens.

  • Today was Little Gym day! Which means That Baby ran around like a crazy person for an hour, then was so wound up she did not nap all afternoon. Randomly, over the monitor, I heard her clapping her hands, saying alphabet letters, and bouncing on her bed. Also? Repeating “No park. No park. NOOOOOO park.” Which are the saddest words in the Stinkerbelle universe.
  • It was raining today. Raining like a rainy day in a rainy place. Like the rainforest, for example, but with considerably less tropical charm and ridiculously outsized wildlife. Now, after the gym class on Tuesdays, I tend to stop at the Stupid Useless Store That Never Has Milk to not buy milk. It’s actually a Price Chopper store, and I DID buy milk there, once, for about 50 cents less than our usual store. So each week, I say “I will pick up milk after class”, and stop in to find they have NO MILK. A grocery store that has no milk. It’s odd, is it not? It’s like they see me coming and HIDE the milk. But today, it was pouring down like crazy, so as That Baby and I passed by I gave the non-milk-having store two fingers up, and we drove on home. But I bet they had LOTS of milk today. I bet the staff were doing a we-have-lots-of-milk tap dance routine as patrons rollerskated through the dairy section and were handed big cartons of milk by smiling cheerful milkmaids. And next week? NO MILK.
  • My kid loves water. We have established this. Which works well at bathtime, and is a blessing for swimming lessons. But it does NOT work well when it is pouring outside and your child, currently nursing ear infections in her ears, insists on standing out in the rain, face upturned, mouth open in an O-face of joy and wonder, and gets happily drenched to the skin.
  • We have a store in our neighbourhood that caters to bird watching enthusiasts. I have been there before, being a bird watching enthusiast (or, more accurately, a wildlife-watching enthusiast) and it has food, and feeders and giftware. So we decided to stop  in and check on a couple of things; most specifically, ideas for my Christmas list and the price of feed and peanuts. I pack up That Baby and in we go. Now, at this point it bears saying that Stinkerbelle is in play clothes, and, well, so am I — if you consider sweats and a sweatshirt playclothes, as I do. And I don’t know if it was our scruffy appearance, or the fact that they don’t like small children in their shop full of gifty things, but if they could have paid us LESS attention I would be surprised. Not a “hello”, nary a “may I help you?” to be had. But to be honest, one of the reasons I like to go shopping in sweats is for exactly this reason — people don’t think you have enough money to shop there, or that you won’t spend much, so they leave you the hell alone. Works well for gift stores, and women’s clothing stores, and yarn stores… So we cruised around, did our window shopping, and didn’t spend a cent OR too much time. All in all, a successful trip.
  • I’m cooking again. YAY. I love fall. Beef barley soup on the stove right now. Yesterday was a roast. Tomorrow will be unrolled cabbage rolls. I LOVE the fall.

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Out and About Edition

  1. My random comment back: I felt like I was watching an episode of Scrubs when you were describing the milk scenario.

    What are unrolled cabbage rolls?

    Nooooo Park? That is sad. Very sad. But I hate going to the park.

    Must try NOT dressing up to go shopping…oh wait, customer service sucks here most of the time anyway, so it doesn’t matter. 🙂 I get loads of attention if I take my dog into a store, but children? AAAHHH, NOT CHILDREN!!!

  2. Oh yes. Fall….I have been making all of the wonderful foods of fall. Soups, Yankee Doodle Macaroni,Twice baked potatoes, home baked bread and rolls, baked beans and so much more. They are not great on the waistline but are really down home foods. Love them!!!

  3. Tova — unrolled cabbage rolls are all the stuff in cabbage rolls, but made in a casserole or crock pot so there’s no faffing with cabbage leaves or rolling or anything. The first time I made it was in a casserole/baking dish and used a recipe from Looneyspoons, but this time I am using a crock pot recipe posted by the lovely and talented Jacy over at Jacy Eats. One, because it is EVEN LESS FAFFING than the recipe I tried previously, and two, because OMG CROCKPOT FTW! So we’ll see how it turns out. It SMELLS divine, I tell you what.

  4. Oh did I not tell you tell you I like to have my milk shipped in from Price Chopper…screw my footprint…give me my milk from way out yonder. That plus I have a video camera in the store so I can see you when you come in to by milk but can’t – muh wah ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. Haha, rollerskates. This made me laugh. I have had to go elsewhere for B’s organic milk a few times. Don’t know why I worry so much since she gets non-organic milk (gasp!) at daycare.

    I’ll be right over for the cabbage rolls…

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