Random Tuesday: Busy Edition

It’s Tuesday. If that’s not an excuse in and of itself to be quite random, then I don’t know what is.

  • I believe I am coming down with a sinus infection. Either that, or hayfever is ramped up to ass-kicking levels. I am not feeling like I have a cold, but something is distinctly off. When I chew, my forehead hurts. My head feels stuffed with cotton. My throat is irritated, from draining sinuses one would presume. Either way, it has shown me that it is time to start taking vitamin C and D3 as we began doing last winter. And I don’t mind so much, it’s just that vitamin C is tangy, to say the least. No, it’s beyond tangy; it’s like chewing on something very BRIGHT. It’s as though someone has come into your room when you’re sleeping and thrown open the curtains and bombarded you with sunlight. It’s almost PAINFUL. It causes facial gymnastics of epic proportions.
  • I have started working in a friend’s office one half-day a week. My role is to be something of a Gal Friday, doing everything from updating websites to billing to sending out membership packages to basic office organization and procedure. Now, I am not an office person. No way, no how. Which is why the majority of the work I do is work from home. In my jammies. But in to the office I will be going, and while I worked out daycare arrangements these past few weeks, Stinkerbelle came into the office with me. She sat at her own desk, in her own office chair, and watched SuperWhy and Cinderella (the Brandy version) on her little video player. But, like me, she is not an office person — as we discovered yesterday when she suddenly had disappeared from her office chair, and had tunnelled under desks and through cords to pop up at the boss’s desk and very cheerfully shout “HI!” This was when we also found she had peed in her office chair.
  • Working also means that Stinkerbelle will be going to a sitter for the first time. I mean, THE FIRST TIME. I have had a grand total of 12 hours away from That Baby in the two years we have been a family. Now, for me? I am looking forward to it, some time to do Adult Things and have Adult Conversations. I may even wear actual PANTS. I know. Crazy talk. But Stinkerbelle? It remains to be seen how she will react. We’ll probably ease into it the first couple of weeks. But knowing her, she’ll see there’s new kids to meet and new kids to play with and will be all, “Buh-BYE! Buh-BYE, Mommy!” With blowing kisses thrown in to show she really means “Bugger off, Mom, you are cramping my playing style.”
  • We feed the local wildlife around here. Birds, chipmunks and squirrels get birdseed and peanuts. Rabbits cruise for greens. Deer get garden rejects dumped over the fence, and help themselves to my perennials. Raccoons and skunks help themselves to tomatoes and occasionally try to make off with the bird feeder. It’s getting to the point where, if there’s no food, there will be squirrel faces looking in at you from the window, as if to say “Please, Sir… May I have some more?” If they could knock, they would. But you know that things are getting REALLY out of hand when a big ass HAWK lands on your garden wall. This was a BIG BOY — big enough that the neighbours three doors down came out to look. I mean, I am all for feeding the locals… but I draw the line at feeding the locals TO the locals.
  • Today is LITTLE GYM DAY!!! Which means, no doubt, 15 minutes of participation and 30 minutes of bouncing and rolling and marching up and down the Cheese. Le sigh.

Later that same day…

  • So, the Little Gym time today was a festival of fun, but the Cheese is still the star. Especially when you learn how to do SOMERSAULTS. Oh yes. That’s right. I said it. But nothing, NOTHING, tops getting STAMPS at the end of class. We have solved the colour problem by getting stamps on the palms of our hands (as well as the soles of our feet, which are all pink. And the belly, which is brown, but tickly.) Anyway, the WONDER OF THE STAMP means that now, Stinkerbelle is running around checking the palms of her hands periodically. And every so often, she runs over and shows me the palms of her hands, gasping with wonder.But the best part? She refuses to touch ANYTHING OR ANYONE, in case the stamps should RUB OFF. In fact, when standing up from sitting on the floor, she used the backs of her hands. Kid’s pretty clever.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: Busy Edition

  1. I wish that Stinkerbelle’s Office Adventures could be a regular feature here – I laughed myself silly! Was it a diaper malfunction or has she jumped aboard the potty train?

  2. I would pay you to bring Stinkerbelle to my office. But only if she wouldn’t pee in my chair. (Other people’s chairs, no prob.)

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