Summer Day

Yesterday we had a break in the humidity. It was 25 degrees and breezy during the day, which is like the complete opposite to what it was like on Friday and Saturday. On those days, it was rainy, and it was so humid and so warm that opening a door to go outside was like walking into a bathroom where somebody was taking a really hot shower.

But yesterday…. yesterday was just a beautiful summer day. So, after breakfast was done, and some cleaning was taken care of, we decided to spend some time outdoors enjoying the day.

We took That Baby to her favourite park where we were faced with a notice that the park was scheduled to have all its current playground equipment removed and replaced with new up-to-current-safety-standard equipment. Well, I didn’t know the current equipment was below standard, but whatever. The place was empty, and we stood in the shade of the big pines and That Baby enjoyed some Swing Time. Then, it was over to the slides (there are three) where she climbed up and mastered the biggest, curliest slide of the bunch.  She played hard and was pooped out as the time came to leave, telling everything “Bye bye!” and waving as we made our way out of the park and back to the car, and “bye bye!” all the way home.

I was tired out from, well, never getting enough sleep EVER. So BDH said he’d hold down the fort while I took a nap. I gratefully accepted. While I and Stinkerbelle napped, BDH was a yard work machine, mowing the lawn, whipper snipping the perimeter and around rocks and gardens, pulling weeds from both the front and back lawns, weeding the patio, weeding the gardens… I woke up to find him sitting on the patio, somewhat crispy from the sun, and everything looking tidy and neat. It was lovely.

He had also filled up Stinkerbelle’s paddling pool while we were sleeping, so when she woke up from her nap, it was SPLASH TIME for That Baby! She had a big time, splashing, jumping, pouring water in and out, and just generally being as wet as babily possible, while her dad and I finished up some weeding and trimming of some unruly plants. She ran around the yard, getting warm in the sunshine, and then back into the water for another round of splashing. Well, there was a brief interlude where we watched her stomping splash, splash, splash, along the brickwork edging of our back garden, and realized that she’d had a big pee and was stomping merrily through it, but that was easily remedied with a garden hose. Then, we grabbed her and tossed her into the pool, over and over and over again, until we were all fairly tired.

After supper was done and That Baby was tucked up in bed, the evening was cooling down. I sat on the patio with some knitting, a mug of tea, and an icepack for my foot, while BDH read a few chapters of a Bill Bryson book aloud. It was quiet and peaceful and relaxing. A lovely end to a lovely day.

Finally, at bedtime, I found myself with an extra bedmate, as Lucy showed up. Now, Lucy injured a paw sometime on the weekend — she’s hobbling and won’t bear much weight on it. (We’re on vacation in less than a week, and true to form, it would not be vacation time if one of the cats didn’t get sick or injured so that we worry the entire time we’re away.) Anyway, Lucy’s built like a greyhound, all loping strides and long legs, so she tends to sprain or strain her paws on occasion, from jumping too high or running to fast or scrambling around like a neurotic squirrel on crack. So this injury, while concerning, is not unusual. Anyway, she needed some comfort, and joined me for a cuddle on the big bed, and ended up staying cuddled up next to me almost the entire night. I have lived my entire life with allergies and asthma, and dreamed of the day when I could have one of my cats sleep with me. It doesn’t happen often. But on these rare occasions, when one of them is sick or hurt, I make a space, take some antihistamines, and get to have a rare and much-enjoyed cuddle. I never get much sleep when this happens, but it’s okay. Even the furry ones need some Mom time sometimes.

And now, I am tired from a full day yesterday, and a not terribly restful night. But looking back, it was worth it. All in all, it was a wonderful summer day.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Sunday was a beautiful day, I wish it wasn’t always so humid in this neck of the woods.

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