Write ALL the Things?

It has been a hot humid week. It saps your energy. Who am I kidding? It saps your will to live, as the sweat forms in places it should not, pooling up under your boobs and then running in rivulets down your belly whenever you shift your gift. Ugh. It is NO GOOD NO.

But we woke this morning to rain, and this is good. And it is Friday, which is always good. So, we have good plus good. I suppose that’s all one can hope for in a day, huh.

So I was determined to sit down and write something. But it is still too hot and humid to write ALL the things. So here are SOME things, at least THREE things. Just some randomness to keep you amused as we head into the weekend.

  • It is raining. It rained, quite heavily in fact, for a lot of the morning. It’s still as humid as the asscrack of Satan, but at least the gardens got some water. So this means that I don’t have to spend an hour trucking bucketloads of water from That Baby’s paddling pool to each garden individually at the end of the day, back and forth, back and forth, in an effort to keep the plants from suffering as well as trying to be environmentally friendly and not waste water. Now I can just dump it out and go “Here you go, lawn! Drink up!”
  • I have almost completed our first yearly report as required for our adoption. I know there are parents out there who are refusing to do them — no reason in the world justifies not doing these reports, none at all, as far as I am concerned — but that is not something that will be discussed here. And having done my first one all alone, which took all of, what, an hour? It was easy peasy. And it was great fun to look back on the last year and chronicle all of the things Stinkerbelle has been doing and learning and being.
  • Okay, I lied just there. It has actually taken me more than an hour, because OHMYDOG THE PHOTOS. I have been taking photos every day as part of my Project 365 — yes I know, I have not updated the page in forever, I AM BUSY CLEANING ALL THE THINGS AND GOING TO THE BANK LIKE AN ADULT WHAT AM I SOME KIND OF WIZARD?? — so while the report took no time at all to write up, it took forever to actually decide out of those thousands of photos which ones I wanted to use. I started with NINE PAGES OF PICTURES. NINE!! Nobody needs to see that many photos of my kid, right? It was a challenge, but I pared it down to five pages. I have to be honest — I LOVE this part of the paperwork.
  • That Baby is talking. Half the time I have no freaking clue what she’s saying, but it is RIVETING. She’s all babbling and shouting and pointing and gesturing and I have absolutely no idea about what, but IT IS SOME TALKING RIGHT THERE. When she does come out with words, YAY. We are encouraging this, because a) communication is good, and 2) it’s nice to know what the heck she’s on about. And sometimes it is random, but random can be good. She will walk over to me and say “Caribou!” or whatever, and then go about her business. Alrighty then. Works for me. And when it’s not random, when she says something that she’s just picked up somewhere, it’s awesome. Yesterday, she pointed and said “guitar” and I looked to see she was pointing out a guitar on the wall. Today it was “light on”. Cool, man.
  • I’ve been knitting a lot. Knitting, knitting, knitting. Baby blankets being finished and started. A scarf that has been patiently waiting to be picked up again. Squares for charity. A bib or two. But oh holy hell, sitting with knitting on your lap in this weather is not very bright. I am also determined to work my way through my stash before I allow myself to buy more yarn. At least, that is the theory. I’m a magpie about yarn. OOH! SHINY! LOOKIT THE BRIGHT COLOURS! OOH! And sales, too. Oh my doG do not TELL me there’s yarn on sale somewhere.
  • My clothesline experiment has gone mostly okay. Our laundry no longer smells like rubbery farts, so that is PROGRESS. But today I went grocery shopping, and had to buy more laundry soap. I bought just regular soap, without fabric softener in it. Because last time, I bought a whole (what is the correct collective noun for fabric softener? Bucket? Loaf? Assload?) of fabric softener. And I came home and read the instructions. It said, “put the fabric softener into the dispenser in your machine”. Okay, my washer is over 10 years old, and it is CHEAP ASS. It does not HAVE a dispenser. So then it said, “Or put it in a Downy ball”. Well we looked everywhere, and I am here to tell you that they do not MAKE Downy Balls anymore. So then it said, “Or put it in the rinse cycle”. So you want me to run for the washer, toddler in tow, to put this in the rinse cycle? From wherever I am with my goldfish-encrusted, Sesame-Street-addicted, spinning-and-dancing toddler, up the stairs, at some magical appointed time? Do I even KNOW when the rinse cycle IS? But “lazy” and “inept” is trumped by “cheap”, and since the regular joe soap was on sale, and we already HAVE the bucket o’ fabric softener… Looks like I’m going to learn to start running up stairs with a flailing toddler. DAMN YOU, CLOTHESLINE! YOU’VE BESTED ME AGAIN!!

3 thoughts on “Write ALL the Things?

  1. It sounds like a very busy household.
    We are getting into the hot humid weather in N.S. and I must say it was with a great welcome from us the first few days, not so much as the days go on but it is nice to get some good weather. The pool has warmed up and enjoyed by all.

  2. Tee hee…good on you for doing THREE THINGS and for going to the bank like a … adult. 🙂

    That comic CRACKS ME UP! I’ve found myself giggling helplessly all weekend at the adult one and the bad day one 🙂 That’s some golden genius there for sure.

    I love the idea of taking the pool water and using it on the plants! Brava!

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