Oh, Never Mind.

So, I spent a long time writing a post today. It was long and involved and very personal and emotional and oh yeah did I mention LONG.

And then I thought, “Meh, nobody comes here for deeply personal and meaningful.” Especially in summer, as my stats drop through the FLOOR because everybody is OUTSIDE enjoying the summertime. Or they should be. At least, that’s where I hope everyone has gone, and not that everybody just decided they don’t like me anymore and have abandoned me here all alone in my great big empty echoing Internetyness.

And then I lost interest.

So instead, I bring you… LOVESICK SQUIRRELS!

Well, one lovesick squirrel, who followed another squirrel around all morning one day in late May, tiptoeing along behind her and lying down to gaze up at her while she ate her breakfast, and was all “O HAI THER MIZ SQURIL UR RILLY CUTE” and “HEY BAYBEE COME HEER OFFEN” all over the place.

Light. Fluffy. It’s what we do best. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Never Mind.

  1. *prods* I bet your l;ost posts are just as interesting as the awesome short ones. So there!

    I keep seeing lovesick pigeons. Well when I say lovesick, I’m probably romantic the sexual obsessiveness somewhat. Nothing fdunnier than seeing a puffed up male pidge following a totally unimpressed female around.

  2. I have said before I love seeing pictures of your black squirrels. We only have tan/brown colored ones here and chipmunks. Yours seem so exotic to me.

  3. Me stats too. But heck – we can write for each other!!!!!

    The irony is that so much is actually going on in th summer and there actually is a lot to blog about!

    Cute squirrels.

    Faithful fan;!!!

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